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Market Expertise

Insight into consumer trends and end-to-end product development make for a valuable partnership.


We can help your business choose the best solutions to bring winning products to market.


Our customers have developed market-leading products with our innovative solutions.

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What our customers are saying

  • Asset 20 Break-out Supplements Brand
  • Asset 22 Global Food and Beverage Company
  • Asset 24 Leading Natural Health Products Brand
  • Asset 21 Healthy Snacking Brand
  • Asset 23 Major Mainstream Dairy Company
  • Asset 25 Global Food and Beverage Company

"We fundamentally see Glanbia as huge R&D and ingredient partners helping us create differentiation in the marketplace. Glanbia helps us think differently about some of the R&D we are doing. We reached out to a handful of potential partners but Glanbia was the only one who immediately understood our vision, got behind it and without them there was no way we’d would have launched on time."

Break-out Supplements Brand

"In my experience, Glanbia has been easier to work with [than their competitors] meaning they listen more. They’re more customer-centric versus being much more about what’s in it for them."

Global Food and Beverage Company

"My favorite part about working with Glanbia is the people, and the innovation. Always bringing us better. Better people, better ingredients, and better solutions."

Leading Natural Health Products Brand

"The ingredient Glanbia has supplied has always been consistent. They probably do that better than anyone else, in my opinion."

Healthy Snacking Brand

"I think they have a fantastic product. Glanbia has a great reputation as a market leader particularly in the whey protein side in the market."

Major Mainstream Dairy Company

"They are actually customer-oriented. They do actually try to serve their clients as much as possible, as best as possible. They are a reliable and a good partner for us."

Global Food and Beverage Company

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