Creating Market Differentiation Through Co-Innovation

At Glanbia Nutritionals, our research and development capability goes beyond developing breakthrough ingredients to solve the unmet needs of the market.  We excel at co-innovation – actively partner with our customers to deeply understand the challenges they face and innovate new solutions to uniquely meet their specific needs.

In the case of MicelleXL, one of our customers came to us looking for a new way to differentiate in the dairy proteins market. They wanted to use casein protein, a slow-digesting dairy protein, to create a new product around satiety. While casein offers more satiety than fast-acting whey, we wanted to help create a new product with even more value potential. Also, in comparison to whey, the casein market experiences less innovate product launches, making it an ideal opportunity for differentiation.  

After working closely with the customer through the ideation process, we began initial development and progressed steadily into prototyping. We vetted the technology with laboratory data and when our prototypes were available, followed up with a study on satiety and the desire to eat after consumption, as compared to standard micellar casein and a control. MicelleXL technology resulted in a more robust gel formation in the stomach after ingestion, delivering increased satiety and a reduced desire to eat for over 2 hours.

See the study results in the graphs below


Graph 1 – Hunger change from baseline of water, generic casein and MicelleXL (satiety protein)


Graph 2 – Desire to eat change from baseline of water, generic casein and MicelleXL (satiety protein)

Not every ingredient partner is willing to go beyond their existing portfolio of products and development pipeline to create something unique to meet a customer’s needs, but this one of elements that distinguishes Glanbia Nutritionals - MicelleXL is just one example.  Our co-innovation approach, facilities and expertise produces unique solutions and differentiated results for our customers.  Let us help you imagine what’s possible.  Just add Glanbia.