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Ignitor® & WheyXR™


We are excited to announce the launch of two new pioneering and innovative performance nutrition ingredients for formulation in functional beverages in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

IGNITOR® and WheyXR™ have been developed to enhance amino acid release, allowing manufacturers to maximise the health benefits of protein supplementation – without compromising taste or texture.

IGNITOR, an amino acid release matrix, comprises a proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes, that optimises the release of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine when added to protein formulations. In fact, BCAAs and glutamine have been shown to positively stimulate muscle protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle size).
Consumers of a high protein diet commonly experience difficulty digesting large amounts of protein, presenting gastrointestinal symptoms including constipation, bloating and excess flatulence. The addition of protein digesting enzymes, such as IGNITOR amino acid release matrix, helps overcome this problem by assisting with the breakdown of proteins to release amino acids. 

The launch of IGNITOR comes following our own extensive research which highlights how the ingredient can specifically target release of individual BCAAs or glutamine. According to a simulated gastrointestinal study, 150 mg of IGNITOR can release three times more glutamine from whey protein concentrate than 2500 mg of another leading enzyme ingredient, and over four times more than endogenous enzymes alone.  

We are also launching WheyXR, a whey protein concentrate developed for post workout or night time recovery products. Modified with advanced protein polymerization technology, doubling the size of protein particles compared to regular whey proteins, WheyXR, provides larger protein mass, which turns into robust protein gels when subjected to low pH in the stomach. These robust protein gels are less susceptible to enzymatic digestion, meaning the release of amino acids is extended. Simulated hydrolysis studies have shown that WheyXR is 47% less digested after six hours compared to regular whey. The slower digestion rate provides a more sustained supply of amino acids and makes WheyXR an ideal source of amino acids for post workout or night time recovery products.

Meilissa Hosen, product manager at Glanbia Nutritionals, comments;

“With the performance nutrition market growing at such a fast rate, there is an opportunity to develop unique products that appeal to both elite athletes and everyday gym-goers. IGNITOR and WheyXR will enable manufacturers to create high-protein powder products that can provide fuel before exercise, as well as offer post-workout recovery. While absorption rates of typical whey protein products can vary substantially, the two new ingredients will enable consumers to optimise their protein intake – to further the benefits of exercise as much as possible.”

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