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Plant-based foods are moving fast and furious, but there is a bump in the road: people want plant-based products with fewer additives and less processing. We understand this and we have the solution! Simpleat allows you create plant-based applications that are very clean label, remove unwanted ingredients, and provide uncompromised taste and texture!

Glanbia is Irish for Pure Food, and it’s at the heart of every solution we make. Our new Simpleat Solution is a patent-pending, plant-based process that removes unwanted ingredients from your product ingredient list, allowing you to create a more natural, cleaner, higher protein plant-based meat product.

Developing plant-based products with our Simpleat Ultra-clean Plant-based Solution is not just an ingredient but a complete process. We will work side by side with your team from ideation to prototyping to manufacturing. Our plant-based solution is customized to your requirement and backed by the nutritional innovation and formulation experience of Glanbia Nutritionals.

Customized Plant-Based Applications

Meaty Textured Meat

simpleat plant-based meat burger glanbia nutitionals

  - Burgers

  - Sausages

  - Meatballs

  - Bolognese Sauce



Tumbled Meat Products & Emulsions

simpleat plant-based meat hotdogs glanbia nutitionals

  - Deli Meats

  - Hot Dogs

  - Salami

  - Nuggets



85% of consumers would purchase SIMPLEAT Plant-Based Chicken product over the competition. 1

chicken strips plant-based meat glanbia nutritionals

Top 5 Reasons Why:

1. Fewer Calories

2. Fewer Ingredients

3. More Protein

4. Healthier

5. Less Sodium

Purchase Drivers:

  • 77% say it is important for the ingredients used are familiar to them
  • 76% say it is important to check the nutritional facts & label
  • 75% say it is important that the product is high in protein

Source: (1) GN Primary Research, PB Meat Survey, January 2020, N = 801

Examples of Simplified Ingredients Lists

Plant-based Meat Patty

Nutritional info nuggets plant-based meat

Plant-based Meat Nuggets 

Nutritional info patty simpleat plant-based meat

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