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Our nutritional solutions meet the highest safety standards and support healthy physical and cognitive development, through all stages of childhood.

From infants, to toddlers, to preschoolers and beyond, we offer safe, science-based solutions you can trust during one of life’s most sensitive and crucial stages.


Our protein ingredients, including lactose and whey protein concentrates, offer superior nutrition and functional properties—like flavor, solubility and stability—to help your youngest consumers start strong.

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Avonlac™ Whey Protein Concentrates

These concentrates offer excellent nutritional value and have a pleasant, creamy flavor. They’re completely soluble across a wide pH range, and are available straight or instantized with protein content from 34% to 80%. Avonlac™ is an excellent solution for infant nutrition, dairy products, dry mixes, beverage mixes and bakery products.

Thermax® Heat-Stable Whey Proteins

These proteins offer excellent nutritional value and have a pleasant, mild flavor. Manufactured from sweet whey using an advanced ultrafiltration process, Thermax® proteins are designed for UHT and retort processing conditions. They’re heat-stable at neutral pH, soluble over a wide pH range and available with protein content from 34% to 90%. Thermax® is an excellent solution for a wide variety of RTD beverages.

Provon® Whey Protein Isolates

Created using the cross-flow microfiltration process pioneered and optimized by Glanbia Nutritionals, these whey protein isolates have exceptional purity and contain the full spectrum of undenatured proteins naturally found in whey. Neutrally flavored, soluble in a wide pH range and available straight or instantized, Provon® is an excellent solution for fortified beverages, nutrition bars, dietetic products, dairy/frozen desserts, sports beverages and nutritional dry mixes.

Solmiko Milk Proteins

These milk protein concentrates (MPC) and milk protein isolates (MPI) are excellent sources of native casein and whey proteins. Solmiko milk proteins offer superior flavor, solubility and heat stability and are an ideal solution for applications where low micro counts, functionality and flavor are critical, including RTD and RTM beverages, sports nutrition bars and fresh dairy products.

BevEdge™ Whey Protein A-220W

This revolutionary ingredient makes berry and citrus flavored protein powdered mixes possible for the first time. Using our patent-pending BevEdge technology, this pre-acidified whey protein isolate uses no lecithin, yet mixes more easily than soy or sunflower lecithin in high acid RTMs. Its larger particle size improves flowability, helping eliminate costly slowdowns or production stoppages. A clean label solution with excellent high acid flavor expression and no unsightly cloudiness typical of high acid RTM mixes, this ingredient creates opportunities for new SKUs and new types of protein powders. Label simply as whey protein isolate, citric acid.

HarvestPro™ Pea Proteins

A superior source of gluten-free, kosher and vegetarian protein, with 75% to 85% protein content. They’re available straight or with EasyFlav™ clean flavor technology, which ensures a neutral taste and significantly less green, bitter and cardboard notes compared to straight pea protein. HarvestPro™ Pea Proteins are an excellent solution for bars, cereals, clusters, RTM beverages and gluten-free baked goods.

HarvestPro™ Flax Protein

HarvestPro™ Flax Protein 35 is an all-natural vegetarian flax protein concentrate with 35% protein. It’s non-GMO, hormone-free, gluten-free and contains ALA omega-3 and 32% fiber.

HarvestPro™ Flax 30 Organic is a certified organic vegetarian flax protein concentrate with 26% to 36% protein. It’s non-GMO, hormone-free, gluten-free and contains ALA omega-3 and >25% fiber.

Both HarvestPro™ Flax Protein formats are heat treated with MicroSure™ Plus technology for additional food safety and guaranteed shelf stability for two years. They’re an excellent solution for beverages, bars, bakery products and gluten-free foods.


HarvestPro™ Chia Protein

This all-natural, chia protein concentrate features 30% protein, ALA omega-3 and 42% fiber. It’s non-GMO, hormone-free and gluten-free. Heat treatment with MicroSure™ Plus technology affords additional food safety and guarantees shelf stability for two years. HarvestPro™ Chia Protein is an excellent solution for beverages, bars, bakery and gluten-free foods.

HarvestPro™ Wheat Protein

This lightly-hydrolyzed, water-soluble wheat protein contains up to 85% protein content and offers a favorable flavor profile due to its high glutamine levels—double the glutamine of soy and whey protein isolates. The non-agglomerated form is an excellent solution for fortifying bars, gummies, and baked goods. The agglomerated form is water dispersible for use in RTM powders, stick-packs and RTD beverages.

AlgaVia™ Whole Algal Protein

Naturally derived from algae, this revolutionary, whole-food ingredient is rich in vegan protein, dietary fiber, healthy lipids and micronutrients. Protected by a natural cell wall, AlgaVia™ protein is stable in a wide range of temperatures and pH conditions and has zero to minimal impact on the texture or viscosity of a finished product. It’s an ideal fortification solution for a wide variety of challenging applications, including tablets, capsules, softgels, RTM powders and foods.

BarFlex® Whey Proteins

This modified whey protein system minimizes bar hardening and extends the shelf life of nutritional bars. It’s an excellent source of high-quality protein that gives bars a clean flavor and a long-lasting, chewy texture.

barGAIN® Protein Blends

This unique combination of dairy and plant protein enhances bar functionality, giving them a softer texture, an extended shelf life and a clean flavor profile. It’s a complete protein solution for low-to-moderate protein bars, baked goods and cookies.

BarPro® Milk Protein Isolates

These milk protein isolates (MPI) extend the shelf life of nutrition bars and minimize bar hardening. They’re an excellent source of high-quality protein that improves bar texture and provides a clean flavor profile.

BevWise® Protein Systems for RTDs

These protein systems fortify protein ingredients for use in UHT and hot-fill processing. They provide exceptional nutritional attributes and functional benefits to high, intermediate and neutral pH beverages. BevWise® Protein Systems can create superior clarity, excellent flavor expression with less astringency, improved processing with better dispersion, and reduced processing time and costs.

OptiSol® 1000 Series

This series offers a full range of functional dairy protein ingredients that improve product processing and flavor, enhance creaminess and texture and support clean label initiatives. OptiSol® 1000 Series solutions are available in rBST free and Grade A options.

Grains & Seeds

Ideal for toddler nutrition and snacks, our non-GMO Grain & Seed solutions are minimally processed and free of chemicals, allergens and gluten, making them the safest grain solutions on the market.

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OatPure™ Gluten-Free Oats

An NSF-certified, gluten-free OatSecure™ closed-loop supply chain guarantees OatPure™ oats have <10ppm gluten. They’re processed in a state-of-the-art, food safe, BRC Grade AA milling and packaging facility to achieve the highest quality. OatPure™ gluten-free oats are available in shredded, steel cut, quick-cook and jumbo flake varieties, with a shelf life of 18 months.

ChoiceQuinoa™ MP Whole White Quinoa

This whole white quinoa grain has exceptional purity and a delicious clean flavor. Heat treated with MicroSure™ Plus technology for ready-to-eat applications, ChoiceQuinoa™ is an excellent solution for bars, bakery products, cereals and snacks.

SelectQuinoa™ MP Milled White Quinoa

This coarsely milled white quinoa flour has the same nutritional benefits of whole quinoa, in a format that’s easier to use in snack and bakery formulations. Heat treated with MicroSure™ Plus technology for ready-to-eat applications, SelectQuinoa™ is an excellent solution for bars, bakery products, cereals and snacks.

ChoiceChia™ MP Whole Chia

This whole chia seed provides texture, visual impact and nutrition that stands the test of time. With nutrient levels superior to milk, it’s an excellent source of fiber, protein, calcium and vegetarian ALA omega-3. It offers good stability, is easy to use with no dust or fines, and is a clean label ingredient. ChoiceChia™ is available in conventional or organic, black or white varieties.

SelectChia™ MP Milled Chia

This cold-milled chia seed has higher nutritional bioavailability than whole chia seed, while providing greater texture, visual impact and beverage viscosity. With nutrient levels superior to milk, it’s an excellent source of fiber, protein, calcium and vegetarian ALA omega-3. SelectChia™ is a clean label ingredient and is available in coarse-milled and cracked varieties.

ChoiceGrad™ Whole Flaxseed

This whole flaxseed has superior flavor and uniform color. Only clean, whole, well-matured seeds are selected according to stringent quality specifications. It contains 100% of the nutritional value of flaxseed and is high in ALA omega-3, dietary fiber, lignans and protein. ChoiceGrad™ is available in regular and organic varieties with a guaranteed shelf life of two years.

SelectGrad® Milled Flaxseed

This cold-milled flaxseed provides superior nutrition, flavor and texture, and is an excellent source of ALA omega-3. It’s a clean label ingredient available in coarse, regular, fine and ultrafine mills. SelectGrad® comes in brown, golden, conventional and organic varieties with a guaranteed shelf life of two years.

OptiSol® 3000 Series

With egg replacers, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s why our R&D team has created several seed- and dairy-based egg replacement systems to work in a variety of applications.

OptiSol® 5000 Series

This all-natural, highly-functional ingredient system has strong hydrocolloid properties, which makes it an outstanding dough conditioner replacer and egg replacer. It can significantly reduce costs when used as a replacement for fats, gums and other higher priced ingredients. Plus it maintains the great taste and texture of your formulations, extends their shelf life and cleans up your labels.

BevGrad® Milled Chia & Flaxseed

This line of super-fine, cold-milled chia and flax seeds delivers excellent nutrition and easily incorporates into liquid or powder formulations, without compromising taste or nutrition. It’s an excellent solution for increasing beverage viscosity or undetectably adding nutrition.  BevGrad is heat treated using MicroSure™ Plus technology to ensure safe, stable and fully nutritious seeds.

HarvestFiber™ Pea

This pea fiber is a clean label ingredient that bumps up the soluble and insoluble fiber content of nutritional foods. It has a clean, neutral taste that is easy to use in combination with other nutritious ingredients. It’s heat treated using MicroSure™ Plus technology, making it safe for ready-to-eat applications. An organic option is also available.


We use advanced processing technologies to make bioactive ingredients, including our popular Lactoferrin and TruCal solutions, that are formulated to help children meet developmental milestones.

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This nature-identical, synthetic vitamin K2 MK-7 (menaquinone-7) is the first of its kind and the only clinically researched vitamin K2 MK-7. It optimizes calcium uptake by inhibiting and “cleaning up” calcium in the arteries and binding it to the bones. It also promotes arterial flexibility. It’s available in RTM powder, RTD beverage, tablet, capsule, softgel and functional food formats.

TruCal® Milk Mineral Complex

This natural milk mineral optimizes bone health. It’s available in RTM powder,  RTD beverage, capsule and tablet formats, and is an excellent solution for yogurt, nutrition bars, processed dairy products, bakery, cereals and snacks.

Micronutrient Straights

Our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals and herbs can fortify your Early Life products and provide the essential building blocks children need to grow healthy and strong.

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Custom Nutrient Premixes

We combine the highest quality ingredients to create custom premixes that help your Early Life products perform better—nutritionally, functionally and operationally.

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