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Flavor Technologies

Experts in creating nutritional solutions, we are very familiar with the flavor challenges that arise in developing great tasting nutritional products. Our focus is on Flavor Technologies that deliver a distinct nutritional or functional benefit to a product and Flavor Systems that provide you with an optimized ingredient/flavor solution. Through collaboration with you, our flavor chemists, R&D scientists and application specialists quickly and reliably deliver delicious flavor solutions that address your unique application challenges.

We meet many industry specifications including organic, natural, natural WONF, natural type, natural identical, natural & artificial, artificial, halal, non-GMO project verified, kosher, and allergy free.


CarbOUT Flavors are fully customizable and easily meet low carbohydrate requirements.  CarbOUT can reduce carbs 50-100% and increases protein 10+%.  Remove filler such as maltodextrin and dextrose, for a more pure, protein-packed product.


EasyFlav™ is a flavor neutral protein system that allows you to easily flavor and incorporate protein into your product.  EasyFlav™ masks the off notes of protein so you don’t have to.  EasyFlav™ technology enhances the overall flavor and nutritional benefits of your protein fortified products


This dairy flavor technology offers improved nutritional profiles and more authentic dairy flavors. DairiDreams™ can be used to replace up to 50% of the named dairy-type ingredient in many applications.

StimuFlavTM Flavors

StimuFlavTM Flavors are flavors you can feel! StimuFlavTM engages specific receptors in the mouth to create the perception of a physical sensation such as tingling, cooling and heating, which stimulate the brain for a unique sensory experience.

Maskers and Bitter Blockers

Glanbia has invested in developing the most effective flavor technology to address the off-notes in functional ingredients and solve your formulation challenges.

Protein Masker, Astringency Masker, Bitter Masker, Hydrolyzed Protein Masker, Caffeine Masker, Amino Acid Masker, Vitamin Masker, Acid Masker, Bitter Blocker, Stevia Masker, Peptide Masker, Marine Oil Masker

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