Plant based nutrition

Our growing range of grains, seeds, and functional solutions are minimally processed and free of chemicals, allergens and gluten, and are largely MicroSure™ Plus heat treated, making them the safest, most nutritious, most versatile grain & seed solutions on the market.

Whether you are looking for alternatives to pricier ingredients, want to extend shelf life or enhance mouthfeel or are just looking to offer a better experience for consumers, these solutions can help. 

BevGrad® Solutions

Create nutritious plant-based products with superior taste, smoother mouthfeel and a clean label.  Glanbia Nutritionals BevGrad solutions combine MicroSure™ Plus heat-treatment technology with super-fine, cold-milling technology to deliver the safest ingredients without the grittiness found in standard plant-based options. BevGrad maintains nutrition and is easy to incorporate into a variety of applications, ranging from ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink beverages, to other products processed without a kill step. BevGrad solutions are available in gluten-free oat, quinoa, chia and flax varieties and provide a safe healthy choice that consumers will enjoy in snacks and beverages.  

OptiSol® 3000 Series

With egg replacers, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s why our R&D team has created several seed- and dairy-based egg replacement systems to work in a variety of applications. 

OptiSol® 5000 Series

This all-natural, highly-functional ingredient system has strong hydrocolloid properties, which makes it an outstanding dough conditioner replacer and egg replacer. It can significantly reduce costs when used as a replacement for fats, gums and other higher priced ingredients. Plus it maintains the great taste and texture of your formulations, extends their shelf life and cleans up your labels. 

OptiSol® 9000 Series

This ingredient system can allow for 50% or more fresh meat inclusion in extruded and baked pet foods. It binds with meat protein making kibble more durable and allowing for higher levels of fresh meat in formulations, with no grain.

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