Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps

Improve crunch and increase protein with new Crunchie™ Milk Protein Crisps.

Glanbia Nutritionals now offers Crunchie™ Milk Protein Crisps, delivering exceptional texture and a hearty crunch throughout the shelf life of bars and snacks. Made with 100% milk protein, these light and airy crisps are clean tasting and visually appealing with consistent sizing and light in color.  Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps deliver >74% protein, giving your bar or snack an extra protein boost, especially in formulations where it’s not technically feasible to add more protein elsewhere in your product.  Customizable to a number of sizes, they can be used as an inclusion or easily seasoned or coated for a stand-alone snack.  Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps are designed to create new opportunities for nutrition bars, confections, trail mixes, and new snack formats.

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