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Glanbia Nutritionals launches OptiATP™

A ready-to-drink stable and low-dose Adenosine 5-Triphosphate (ATP) for the energy and sports beverage categories


Glanbia Nutritionals has introduced OptiATP™, a new optimized form of Adenosine 5-Triphosphate that is stable in low pH/high acid and high heat ready-to-drink beverage processing environments. Glanbia has incorporated partner TSI Group’s industry-leading ingredient PeakATP® as its source of ATP and, through its patented encapsulation technology, has made ATP 46% more stable after 12 months and 59% more stable after 6 months in aseptic hot-fill processed ready-to-drink beverages.1  

“We are excited to bring OptiATP to market because it provides the first reliable ATP for use in ready-to-drink beverages,” said Rachel Schreck, product marketing associate. OptiATP will initially be offered in North America.“ Until now, formulating beverages containing ATP has been a challenge because standard sources of ATP degrade rapidly under typical high-heat beverage processing conditions and over the shelf-life of the finished beverage.”
ATP, which occurs naturally within the body is the primary source of cellular energy for all living things, providing energy to drive many processes and functions. Exercise can boost demand for ATP by up to 1,000 times, and ATP turnover can limit high-intensity performance.

OptiATP is powered by PeakATP, the only bioidentical form of ATP backed by numerous human clinical studies. It has been shown to improve muscle power output and increase strength, power and lean body mass while reducing muscle and mental fatigue.2-6
Its benefits are: 

  • The bioidentical form of ATP is identical in structure to human ATP, which helps the biological cellular energy process.
  • Six human clinical studies reflect its benefits in supporting many areas within athletic performance, muscle growth and recovery. 
  • It packs multiple benefits into one ingredient, supporting energy, endurance, muscle growth, strength and recovery.
  • As a non-stimulant energy source, it does not result in consumers feeling jittery or experiencing a crash.
  • Only a small dose is required, allowing for effective intake and inclusion in formulations in combination with other beneficial ingredients.

Schreck said Glanbia is working to develop other applications for OptiATP: “We are further exploring its use under neutral pH and carbonated beverage processing and within other high-heat processed applications, like gels and gummies. This will allow brands to further diversify their energy and sports product offerings, providing their consumers additional ways to receive the benefits of ATP.”

Glanbia Nutritionals’ bioactive ingredients portfolio provides highly effective, science-based and health beneficial solutions that support sports performance, weight management, joint and bone health and more.

To learn more about OptiATP, contact us and access our guide here

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