Private Label Supplements & Vitamins

Glanbia is the right partner for private label supplements and vitamins.  We’ve got the solutions, teams and innovation to help you succeed.

Private Label Supplements & Vitamins

Improving the nutrition and function of food and beverage solutions has been Glanbia’s mission for the last three decades. With products in over 130 countries, sales and technical support in 14 countries, and manufacturing facilities in 7 countries, we’ve learned a thing or two about helping companies with their private label supplement and vitamin needs.  

Being recognized as a global leader in nutritional product development means we must adhere to the most stringent standards, and this requires us to be flexible, responsive, and have strong relationships with supplier partners along with rock-solid supply chains.  

When you partner with Glanbia, you get to benefit from a committed team of experts with decades of experience in helping companies - like yours - succeed. 

Uncompromising Quality

Our success depends on our clients bringing high-quality products to market, and that’s exactly what we’ve been in the business of doing for over thirty years. Producing high-quality nutritional products is much easier said than done, however.  

Nutrition is obviously a major consideration in order to bring a product to market successfully - but it’s not the only factor. Successful nutritional products must also meet other consumer demands such as desired textures, appearance and flavors.  

For this reason, we only use products of the highest quality and advanced processing technologies to make sure your products will meet and exceed consumer expectations.

At Glanbia, manufacturing top-quality nutritional products is also much more than a business pursuit.  Our mission is ultimately about individuals.  We understand that countless people around the world consume the products we create on a daily basis, and that’s a fact we don’t take lightly.  

As a result, we believe in working closely with you, our partners, in order to break down barriers and bring products to market responsibly and successfully.  This synergy helps to create a smooth concept-to-shelf experience.  

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A Relationship Built On Transparency & Trust

At Glanbia, we believe any successful partnership must be grounded in transparency and trust in such a way that we simply execute on your vision for your private label brand.  

This philosophy is why many of the leading nutritional brands around the world turn to Glanbia for their private label needs.  Partnering with Glanbia means you gain access to world-class R&D, production and logistics teams who have successfully served many of the most successful food and beverage companies in the market.

When it comes to transparency, nothing is hidden from our customers.  Glanbia provides full line-item visibility to the concentration and quality of each ingredient, and cost contribution for each ingredient and packaging component, as well as other manufacturing or analytical costs.  

Our clients know where and how their money will be spent.  This level of transparency allows our clients to make the most informed decisions on formulation. 

When it comes to trust, our relationship with our clients remains purely confidential.  We never allow the information you share with us or the support we provide to you to cross-pollinate into and benefit other client brands you compete against.  You never have to worry about any conflict of interest.  

Partnering With Glanbia

When you partner with Glanbia for your private label needs, your business objectives become our objectives.  We assign a highly-experienced dedicated team of experts to your product concept helping you to overcome obstacles and successfully bring your product to market.  

With Glanbia you cut costs by gaining access to our global network of third-party warehousing & distribution providers to make sure every step from supplier, to plant, to customer is successful.  We’re with you every step of the way.

Glanbia is the right partner for private label supplements and vitamins.  We’ve got the solutions, teams and innovation to help you succeed.  So, what are you waiting for?  Talk to a Glanbia representative today about your private label needs.

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