Glanbia Nutritionals at FiA 2019

The ASPAC population is aging quickly, with approximately 7% of total population having reached an age of 65 years or older.

There is a growing demand for innovative food products catering specifically to the needs of this demographic, as the Southeast Asia (SEA) region shows an increasingly senior population until 2030. Glanbia offers several specialized proteins and bioactive molecules offering health benefits that can prove helpful in supplementing the elderly diet with proteins and amino acids.

 Ready to drink protein beverages in SEA have increased from 2015-18; 1 in 10 new product launches in functional beverage have a high protein claim. From market & consumer insights to formulation & application support, Glanbia Nutritionals provides functional options for beverages to help people of all ages live healthier and more energetic lives.

 Stop by booth B20 at FiA to discover the latest market trends and discuss our innovative functional solutions! We will showcase new prototypes for active lifestyle and hold two tech seminars for these two hot topics:

  • Healthy Aging Solutions
  • High Protein Beverages

Meet our experts and we will help you solve challenges for your beverages, bars and many other products.


Date      :               11 September 2019

Room    :               Technical Seminar Room 2 Hall 103 (slot number 14)

Time      :               13.45-14.15 Hrs.

Topic     :               Healthy Ageing Solutions by Glanbia Nutritionals.


Date      :               12 September 2019

Room    :               Technical Seminar Room 2 Hall 103 (slot number 37)

Time      :               10.30-11.00 Hrs.

Topic     :               High Protein Beverages.

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