Catching the New Wave of Functional Beverages – A #GNRecommends Webinar

The global functional beverage market is $183b with no sign of slowing down.

With such an expansive market, what can producers in AsPac expect in terms of consumer trends, opportunities, and ingredients? How can Glanbia Nutritionals help you achieve your production goals, wherever you are in the production stage?

We tapped into the wealth of knowledge of Vicky Fligel, Senior Global PSM and Xiaoyu He, R&D Manager, AsPac, to answer these questions and a whole lot more at our most recent #GNRecommends webinar.

Some interesting insights include:

1. AsPac functional beverages market represented 40% of global sales in 2021, with a forecasted CAGR of +5.4%. Yogurt beverages remain the biggest category in AsPac, compared to energy drinks in almost all other regions​.

ASPAC Functional Beverages’ Market Represents 40% of Global Sales, With Yogurt Beverages the Most Popular Category in 20211

ASPAC: Market Size by Beverage Category 2021
USD Billion

2. New product launches of high/added protein RTDs are on the rise in AsPac, with WPC trending high in these launches. 

New Product Launches of High/Added Protein RTDs Are on the Rise in ASPAC2

New Product Launches: ASPAC, Last 4 Years
New Product Count, Rolling Annual

Over the last four years, the ASPAC region has seen a 4.5% CAGR of new product launches of RTDs in meal replacements, performance nutrition, weight management nutrition, sports nutrition, and RTD coffee. 

The Majority of New High Protein Beverage Launches Globally Contain Milk Proteins but WPC Still Trends High in New Product Launches in ASPAC3

Protein Ingredients in New Product Launches: ASPAC, Last 4 Years - New Product Count

Whey protein use until now has been limited due to its functionality limitations in high protein RTD despite of its superior nutritional value which is very well captured and understood in the sport nutrition RTM offering.

Glanbia Nutritionals has overcome these functionality challenging enabling whey protein to be incorporated in high protein RTDs opening up an important potential for High Whey protein RTD new developments with its range of Optisol® and BevWise® whey protein highly functional solutions.

What our audiences think:

The opportunities for functional drinks in AsPac are growing. Our audience seemed to agree, with 46% of them looking to jump on the Living Drinks (beverages with live cultures) trend.

Which of the global beverage trends listed appeals most to you?


We also found that majority of our audience saw Taste and Formulation/Ingredients as the biggest hurdles in developing their functional beverages. 

This is where our expanding portfolio of dairy-based, premix, and bioactive solutions, as well as an experienced R&D team gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors, allowing Glanbia Nutritionals to partner with producers on their product creation journey from ideation to commercialization. 


For more of these exclusive insights and key takeaways on the topic you can watch the recording here:

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1. Sources: Euromonitor Feb 2022 – data ending 2021
Note: For Energy Drinks & Sports Drinks, Total value is used (including on-trade and off-trade [retail] market values)
2. Source: Mintel GNPD, 2022
Note: Products are those that are liquid and/or Ready-to-drink beverages that have a High/Added Protein claim
3. Source: Mintel GNPD, 2022
Note: Products are those that are liquid and/or Ready-to-drink beverages that have a High/Added Protein claim

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