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We’re a science-led, quality-obsessed and down-to-earth provider of innovative nutrition solutions to many of the world’s greatest brands.

Look to us for expertise in dairy proteins, plant proteins, seeds & grains, cheese, premix solutions, bioactive ingredients, flavors, edible films, bakery ingredients, and aseptic beverage processing. We’re the #1 global producer of whey-based nutritional solutions, the #2 global producer of premixes, and the #1 producer of American Style Cheddar Cheese.

Simply put, we solve for better performance—nutritional, functional and operational. Inside every ingredient and service is a promise to keep people healthy and strong. Our consumer insights, scientific knowledge, ingredient expertise, and operational know-how helps you make products that people love and trust. Whatever challenge you have, from identifying new market opportunities, to making a better formulation, to finding just the right ingredient, to linking you with a co-manufacturer, we can help.


We Shape the Future of Nutrition

We’ve been helping companies reach new horizons for quite some time. As the first company to use cross flow microfiltration to produce whey protein ingredients, we’ve built a heritage and a culture of innovation that continues to this day. Supported by our fourteen Innovation & Collaboration Centers in the US, Europe and Asia, we’ve revolutionized functional protein solutions in the nutritional bar category, developed accelerated cheese aging techniques and invented an oat ingredient that remains fluid and pourable through HPP and UHT processing. And that’s just a taste. From new product ideas based in the latest Insights, to better performing ingredients, to more efficient processes, our innovations keep you at the front of the nutritional industry.


R&D Is at Our Core

Our R&D teams work closely with you and our Insights, Product Management, Sales, and Operations teams so that everyone is focused on the same thing – your challenge. We listen carefully to find out exactly what’s needed (not just what’s asked for) and we share our experience and knowledge to help find the best solution.

Whether you want to make a cleaner label product, a product with better texture, flavor and nutrition, or the next category blockbuster, our innovation capabilities are built from the ground up to help accelerate the process and get your product to market faster than the competition.

From bars to beverages to bakery and much more, our Innovation & Collaboration Centers are designed for customers to work side-by-side with our scientists, so ideas flow faster and solutions get stronger. Pilot equipment lets us learn what works and what doesn’t on a small scale, so you can scale up in your own facilities or with co-manufacturers with confidence. Strong relationships—from partner manufacturers and suppliers, to institutes and universities—help test our ideas and push them even further. And we use our own production facilities as real-time testing grounds for new ingredient ideas and improve ingredient production practices.

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