Lactoferrin and vitamin B12 rich whey protein concentrate optimized to support active women

Designed for Women, FerriUp® Provides Them with a Strong Nutrient Foundation  

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Emerging evidence underscores the importance of a nutritional strategy for active females throughout their lifecycle – puberty, pregnancy and menopause.1 The sports nutrition market lacks focus in this area with only 0.6% of global sports nutrition product launches targeting women.2 FerriUp is a whey protein concentrate that naturally contains abundant levels of lactoferrin, vitamin B12 and 80% protein, providing a strong nutrient foundation that supports iron modulation, energy levels and immune health for active women.


  • Women’s iron needs tend to be greater because they lose iron through menstruation.
    • Lactoferrin supports the utilization and balance of iron in the body.3
  • Active women who engage in strenuous athletic activities face the potential of low energy from iron deficiency.4
    • Lactoferrin has been shown to help retain higher levels of red blood cells in active females, indicating that higher iron levels remain.5


  • FerriUp is a good source of whey protein, containing over 80% protein per dose. 
  • Consuming whey protein after exercise may help speed the rebuilding of muscle by increasing muscle synthesis.6,7
  • Consuming whey protein during or after exercise may help reduce muscle soreness and may improve muscle function and/or performance in the next workout.8,9,10
  • Studies show that active women have demonstrated a marked increase in successful muscle protein synthesis when they consume protein-rich foods after exercise.11
  • Protein supplementation helps maintain lean muscle mass and can support bone strength and health.11

Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B12 must be obtained from dietary sources as the body cannot synthesize it.12
  • Vitamin B12 is involved in red blood cell formation and maintenance of proper immune function which is critical for optimal athletic performance.12
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of balance, which may lead to a decrease of athletic performance.13

Applications ideal for FerriUp®


Instantized powder

  • No clumping or floating powder 
  • Rapid dispersibility 
  • No sedimentation 
  • Cold water dispersible

FerriUp’s benefits align with women’s needs

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