Hot Trends for Food, Beverage and Supplement Industries guide

Hot Trends for Food, Beverage and Supplement Industries:

Opportunities in Health, Wellness and eSports

What’s trending next for 2021? Here are four shifts in consumer behaviors which will influence food, beverage and supplement manufacturers in Latin America. Download your copy of the Health and Wellness Trends for 2021 guide below. What's included in this guide:


Download your copy of the Health and Wellness Trends Guide for 2021

1. Nutrition that Boosts Immunity: A Look at Consumer Trends in Latin America

Explore Latin America (LATAM) trends in immune system support,  the most preferred immunity boosters and key opportunities for manufacturers to meet this growing need.

2. Latin America Sees Rising Supplement Use

The global desire to eat healthier, and to have that healthy diet play a key role in a wellness-oriented lifestyle, has never been stronger. And it has made the Latin America, or LATAM, region a dynamic market for supplements. 

3. Consumers Turn to Sports Nutrition Looking for Mental and Physical Health 

Consumers are increasingly looking to sports nutrition products to help support their physical and mental wellbeing for optimum performance. Learn about this emerging trend and how manufacturers can address this need by choosing the most in-demand ingredients for their functional beverages and foods.

4. eSports Performance Nutrition Trends 

Professional gamers are beginning to be recognized as athletes with specific performance nutrition needs—such as optimal energy, focus, and vision. Here’s a look at the trends in eSports nutrition for manufacturers who want to get in the game!

Are you a professional in the food, beverage or supplement industry? Contact us for a customized presentation on how you can harness the power of these and other leading trends to drive sales for your products. Contact Glanbia Nutritionals today.

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