MicroSure & MeadowPure Safety & Quality

For Plant-Based Beverages and Snacks

Heat-treated post-milling for best-in-class products.

Through our dedication to plant-based quality nutrition, we have developed a range of flax products optimized through our MicroSure® Plus post-milling heat-treatment and MeadowPure® sourcing process to deliver the safest, most stable, and fully nutritious flax products available on the market.

Flax Offerings & Applications

Our flax products are suitable for a wide range of food and beverages.


bars and drinks

The MicroSure® Plus Advantage

Seeds are inherently nutritious. But like any field crop, they are also inherently susceptible to contamination from pathogens introduced by rain, wind, standing water, birds, mice, and other natural factors. MicroSure Plus heat treatment is a third-party validated 5-log kill process designed specifically to eliminate pathogens in flax, chia, quinoa, and other seed and grain ingredients.

  • Post-milled treatment guarantees ready-to-eat safety
    • Eliminates the chance of microbial introduction after milling
    • Validated with 3rd party 5 log kill step and results in the safest nutritional ingredients in the industry
  • 2-Year shelf-life guarantee for whole seeds, 5 years for ground
  • Maintains texture and nutrition

The MeadowPure® Difference

Our proprietary MeadowPure process helps protect flaxseed’s natural components from oxidation, preserving nutrition and flavor while letting us guarantee our milled flax ingredients for up to two years and whole flaxseed for five years. 


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