Achieve higher protein levels in high heat processed applications with our advanced concentrated whey protein solution.

The abundance of protein fortified products on the market is increasing and consumers are looking for even more ways to obtain additional protein. No longer just for sports drinks or nutritional bars, protein is being included in more and more conventional mainstream foods and beverages every year with a 108% increase in product launches claiming protein since 20131. It’s however a challenge to achieve a high protein formulation without negatively impacting texture or causing protein denaturation. As a heat stable concentrated whey protein, OptiSol 1005 performs better, allowing for a 12% protein level to be achieved, improved performance and reduction in viscosity.

Achieve Higher Levels of Protein in Your High Heat Processed Applications

OptiSol® 1005 Solves Your Heat Stability Issues

  • Higher protein levels achievable at a variety of pH and processing temperatures.
  • Improved performance at many pH levels allows for application flexibility.
  • Unique viscosity is ideal for many applications from thicker gels to thin and creamy sauces or beverages but dependent on the pH level, protein concentration and processing condition of the application.
  • Superior source of heat stable concentrated whey protein without the use of additives or stabilizers providing a high quality and better tasting protein that allows for a cleaner label.

Heat and Protein Thresholds are Dependent on pH Levels

OptiSol 1005’s natural pH state is 6.1-6.5 with its ability to withstand heat processes determined by the percentage of protein and the pH level of your application.

Acidic (pH 4.0 or lower)

Neutral (pH 6.0-6.9)

High (pH 7.0 or higher)

  • Retort – Yes
  • Retort – No
  • Retort – Yes
  • UHT – No
  • UHT – No
  • UHT – Yes
  • HTST – Yes
  • HTST – Yes
  • HTST – Yes

At or Below pH 4.0

At or Above pH 7.0

Below pH 7.0

  • Retort stable up to 8% protein at but not UHT stable
  • UHT stable up to 10% protein
  • HTST stable at pH 6.0-7.0 up to 12% protein
  • The heat induced gels are much softer than typical WPC gels and are flowable
  • Retort stable up to 8% protein
  • Not Retort, UHT or Hot-fill stable from pH 4.0-6.8
  • HTST stable at pH 4.0 up to 12% protein

OptiSol® 1005 has Unique Gelling Properties  

Heat induced gelation does occur in Optisol 1005, however the gelation properties differ from standard WPC. 

  • Viscosity is decreased 10x in heat-induced OptiSol 1005 gels vs standard WPC.
  • This soft gel is responsible for its unique ability to remain thin and creamy while providing increased protein levels in many applications.
  • OptiSol 1005’s heat stability provides no gritty texture.

Ideal for Many Applications

Optisol 1005

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