Heat stable concentrated whey protein for Low Acid Neutral pH Beverages.

It’s no secret that milk proteins dominate the current low acid beverage market with inclusion in 24% of those beverage products launched in the last year.1 Globally the Sports Protein Drinks and Meal Replacements market is going strong at $9B2 with the U.S. market accounting for about half at $4.7B.3 The neutral pH beverage consumer is showing increased interest in protein source and clean label formulations with less ingredients, 35%4 stating protein content is important, 72%5 stating they prefer dairy proteins in beverages and 62%6 stating fewer ingredients coincide with a product being healthier. This creates significant market opportunity for complete or partial whey based neutral pH beverages to break through the milk protein laced landscape. OptiSol 1007 is your solution for better performing neutral pH protein beverages, overcoming processing challenges while providing the stability needed to achieve the results consumers are seeking.

OptiSol® 1007 Benefits



OptiSol® 1007 Outperformed MPC in 11 Month Stability Study7

A stability study was performed to determine the shelf stability of various blends of OptiSol 1007 (whey) and MPC after UHT processing at 8% and 10% protein levels at 40°C.

The presence of higher amounts Optisol® 1007 aids in decreasing sedimentation at 40°c

  • The 100% OptiSol 1007 blend only had traces of sedimentation in an 11 month period.
  • Medium sedimentation was observed in the 90%MPC/10% OptiSol 1007 blend at the end of month 11.

OptiSol® 1007’s viscosity levels remain consistent over time at 40°c

  • Little to no change has occurred within 11 months of accelerated storage in any of the blends.
  • Straight OptiSol 1007 is the most viscous of the blends with the 50/50 coming in second.
  • The viscosity of the 10% OptiSol 1007/90% MPC with 10% protein blend is the lowest, yet also was found to have the most sedimentation.

OptiSol® 1007 causes no age related gelation at 40°c

No gelation was observed over the 11 month period.

OptiSol 1007 is your solution for better performing neutral pH protein beverages. Combine OptiSol 1007 at levels as low as 10% with milk protein to increase your formulation's stability, significantly cleaning up your labels and reducing the need to use gums and other stabilizing systems.

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