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Supplying Award-Winning Natural Cheese to Global Markets

Global Expertise. Local Approach. 

Our team of global cheese experts is ready to discuss your cheese needs. We offer a full range of all-natural, 100% cow’s milk cheese solutions, and world-class customer support. From in-person market visits to virtual innovation days, we can partner with you to see if our cheese capabilities fit your business.  

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Glanbia Nutritionals Global Cheese Team Combines All-Natural Cheese-Making Artistry with In-Market Expertise.  

At Glanbia Nutritionals, cheese is not just our business…it’s our obsession. We produce award-winning natural cheese made with 100% cow’s milk globally, in our facilities in Ireland as well as the United States. While it’s our world-class cheese that makes us stand out, it’s our dedicated and passionate global team that makes us successful. They combine their international expertise with a local approach to deliver the right product assortment for each region while ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority.

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Global Expertise. 

We are the number one producer of American-style cheese, with a global footprint spanning 32 countries worldwide. Our wide range of products are sold or distributed in over 130 countries with production and processing facilities located in Ireland, the USA, the UK, Germany, and China. We have a sales force that spans the globe with nearly 70 sales and technical locations and over 20 production facilities. 

Our head offices are located in Kilkenny, Ireland. We have corporate offices in Dublin, Ireland and Chicago, Illinois in the USA, and cheese manufacturing facilities in Idaho, New Mexico, and Michigan.

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Working with customers to achieve their goals is our number one priority. Our team makes sure each customer’s specific needs are met, while working to build out future ideas to achieve  success”.  

– Becky Pearson, Vice President of North American Sales, Idaho, USA

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Local Approach.

We have a dedicated team of sales professionals in 32 countries worldwide who understand the specific needs and trends in their local market. Additionally, our cheese manufacturing facilities are strategically placed across the US to service all customers to the best of our ability. Our Southwest Cheese manufacturing facility based in Clovis, New Mexico, is an excellent example of our world-class cheese manufacturing capabilities. This state-of-the-art cheese plant was built in 2004 with our partner, Dairy Farmers of America, to meet the demand in the US and serve as a solid foothold for our customers in Mexico and the LATAM region. 

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Working and living in Mexico has allowed our team to develop a strong understanding of the Mexican sales market. We have a passion for cheese, and are ready and able to work with you to   meet your organization’s needs

– Cesar Peredo, Cheese Sales Manager, Mexico City, Mexico 

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The Cheese Innovation Center (CIC) gives our customers access to an entire network of resources and experts focused solely on cheese. The center’s masterful pilot-production facility streamlines the process of moving products from concept to full-scale production. The CIC offers adjustable, small-scale cheese production capabilities that allow hands-on experience to develop new cheese products and processes. The CIC opened in 2013 with 14,500 square feet of room to focus solely on customer collaboration.

dave perry “Our team's passionate about innovation. We're always looking to explore new functionality & flavors, and we enjoy working to develop value-added ingredients, processes & solutions that are relevant to our customers & their regions.

– Dave Perry, Senior Director, Cheese -Technology, Idaho, USA 

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Passionate about our Quality.

Our commitment to quality cheese is evident by our many awards, such as our recent US and World Cheese Championships medals won by the Clovis, New Mexico dairy plant. In addition to our food safety recognition, our facilities are internationally recognized and certified by the SQF Institute, so our customers can have full confidence in our safe food practices. Our quality-focused Food Safety Team models our continued dedication to quality assurance.

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We are extremely proud of our quality of products. Our teams work hard every day in our facilities to ensure consistent, quality products to our partners across the globe.

– Wilf Costello,   Chief Commercial Officer, Cheese, Canada 


Our World Class Operations

With state-of-the-art dairy manufacturing facilities in New Mexico, Idaho, and Michigan, we are ready and able to meet your needs. Our plants produce 40 and 640-pound blocks and 540-pound barrels of quality cheese made from milk sourced from local dairy patrons, with the New Mexico site leading in production capacity at approximately 560 million pounds of cheese produced annually.  Our cheeses range from ready-to-eat to processed cheese and are available for retail, food service, or food ingredient purposes. Our production teams are comprised of a group of experienced engineers, food scientists, and dairy managers, all working together to deliver the best possible product every day.

Each year, Glanbia Nutritionals ships over 900 million pounds of cheese to more than 30 countries. We pride ourselves not only on the efficiency of our cheese manufacturing facilities but on the functionality of every barrel and block of cheese produced. Our history of making top-quality cheese ensures that whether you’re purchasing a 40-pound block or a 540-pound barrel, our cheese will slice, shred, melt or add as an ingredient consistently. 

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Efficiency of production schedules in our manufacturing facilities is our top priority. Timely orders and continual focus on the customer is our end-goal.

- Declan Dalton, Senior Product Strategic Manager, Ireland

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