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The Advantages of Plant based nutrition

Glanbia Nutritionals’ Plant based nutrition portfolio offers the food and beverage industry’s most technologically advanced and food-safe chia, ancient grain, gluten free oat, and flaxseed ingredient solutions. We create them with one goal in mind: to help you take advantage of the nutrition, functionality and consumer appeal inherent in these increasingly popular grains, across a wide range of foods and beverage applications.

Our Seed Processing Facility:

Using the highest standards for food safety, product quality, biosecurity and innovation, Glanbia Nutritionals has designed and built the most sophisticated seed and grain processing facility in the industry. More than a processing facility, it is a food ingredient plant. This 63,000-square- foot installation is designed from top to bottom with features atypical of grain processing plants. With cutting-edge technology, concrete construction and fully-enclosed processing, it exceeds the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Exceptional Quality:

  • Our commitment to the highest food quality standards is reflected in our precise manufacturing and milling processes.
  • We only accept 99.9% pure, food-grade raw materials.
  • State-of-the-art milling technology strengthens product stability.
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled airflow creates an optimal storage environment. These safeguards and more ensure our facility offers the highest quality products in the industry.
  • Our facility and products are independently certified SQF Level 3, organic, kosher, halal, and gluten-free.
  • Our patented MeadowPure® seed sourcing and sorting process for flaxseed delivers full nutritional value and guaranteed stability.


Advantages of Glanbia Plant based nutrition Solutions:

  • They are the safest seed and grain solutions on the market
    • Our food safety process starts with our source of supply. We mill only 99.9% pure seeds and grains, which are processed in our fully-enclosed facility. For finished products processed without a kill step, we offer a wide range of flax, chia and quinoa ingredients treated with our in-house MicroSure™ Plus heat treatment process. The technology eliminates pathogenic microbes while leaving the seed or grain functionally and nutritionally intact.


  • They are sourced from sustainable, traceable supply chains
    • No detail is too small in our supply chain systems. We work continuously with our partners to develop and build robust, sustainable quality supply chains for all of our plant-based ingredients. Just a few of our supply chain elements include farmer screening and selection; regular monitoring of sustainable farm practices; GMO, allergen, gluten and chemical testing; seed cleaning and storage; warehousing; and logistics.


  • They are easy to incorporate into your products
    • It’s no secret that formulating with seeds and grains can be a challenge, but Glanbia Nutritionals has innovated solutions to eliminate the classic problems of product formulation. For example, our BevGrad® line of flax and chia ingredients are cold-milled to extremely fine particle size. The unusually small particles become virtually unnoticeable in beverages and other products. BevGrad solves the particulate issue, tastes amazing and delivers all of the grain’s inherent nutritional value.


  • They are minimally processed
    • All of our seed and grain products are minimally handled, minimally processed, and milled in our state-of-the-art facility using purely mechanical means — without chemicals or solvents. We extract the full nutritional value of our seeds and grains, and preserve that value with our MicroSure™ Plus heat treatment process, which maintains the full integrity of any ingredient that's exposed to it. The result is an all-natural product that retains all of its nutrients — from Omega 3s to fiber, phytonutrients, and micronutrients — and can be used without worry in any minimally-processed finished food or beverage.


  • They are GMO, chemical, gluten, and allergen free
    • Every seed or grain ingredient is a clean-label ingredient. But Glanbia’s products go further than that. Each of our seed or grain solutions is entirely allergen-, GMO-, chemical- and gluten-free. After processing in our fully-enclosed facility, they retain only their inherent goodness and nothing else.

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