Glanbia Nutritionals at Engredea

Glanbia Nutritionals solves for better performance—nutritional, functional and operational. Inside every food, ingredient and service we offer is a promise to keep people healthy and strong. We keep that promise by finding new ways to make food that performs better. 

At Engredea 2017, Glanbia’s booth will focus on presenting its expertise in the natural and organic industry through its extensive R&D resources, global supply capabilities, co-innovation and applications know-how, and broad range of nutritional and functional solutions.

Our portfolio includes plant-based and dairy-based proteins; grass fed, organic, and natural cheese; food-safe grains & seed ingredients; custom nutrient premixes; bioactives to improve cell, organ and overall body function; aseptic beverage manufacturing, flavors and micronutrients. 

To learn more about Glanbia Nutritionals’ expertise in helping you create successful bars, snacks, sports and lifestyle nutrition products, come by and join us at Engredea 2017 booth 439.

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