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Glanbia Nutritionals Highlights its Advanced Solutions at Vitafoods

Glanbia Nutritionals, stand J76, Vitafoods Europe, 9 – 11 May 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

Nutritional powerhouse, Glanbia Nutritionals will put its deep expertise and extensive capabilities in the spotlight at Vitafoods 2017, through a range of exciting new prototypes. Highlighting its ability to provide customers with a complete suite of customised formulations in-line with consumer demands, this year’s show will feature an impressive range of innovative solutions for bars, functional beverages and supplements.

Functional beverage solutions 

To showcase its deep understanding in end-to-end beverage development and extensive expertise in customised solutions for RTM applications, Glanbia Nutritionals will present a High Protein Chocolate RTM drink. The low-fat, chocolate flavoured shake, developed to support muscle and bone health, is aimed at active aging 50+ consumers requiring a healthy addition of protein in their diet along with extra energy levels to remain active and strong for longer. Combining a healthy nutritional profile and great taste, the high protein RTM drink contains a range of ingredients including Prolibra®, a whey-derived ingredient for maintained muscle mass, and oat flour, a source of fibre and carbohydrates for better digestive health and improved energy levels. It supports optimal bone health thanks to the addition of TruCal®, a natural source of calcium and minerals; and MenaQ7®, the only clinically researched vitamin K2 (MK-7), which allows the targeted use of calcium in the body by inhibiting its deposit in the arterial walls.

Expertise in bar applications

Also on stand, Glanbia Nutritionals highlights why they are the ‘go-to’ specialists for tasty, nutritional bar products which can be developed to help customers meet the ever-growing demand for healthy, on-the-go snacks. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste Glanbia’s new chocolate caramel High Protein Bar, featuring BarPro™ Milk Protein, a modified milk protein isolate, which delivers a unique texture and minimised bar hardening, as well as high levels of dairy protein for muscle maintenance and nutrition.

Innovative supplement delivery

Glanbia Nutritionals will also highlight its deep expertise across nutrition and customised micronutrient premixes. Available on stand will be an innovative format for supplement presentation called Crystal Bursts. This new and exciting technology provides a unique system for the delivery of nutrient-rich supplement benefits to consumers with added functional advantages.

Glanbia is presenting three different Crystal Bursts prototypes developed with specific consumer groups in mind, showcasing its vast knowledge of the market needs and customised solutions capabilities. Adults Energy Crystal Bursts are formulated with a tailored premix of nutrients, supporting increased alertness and less fatigue. Kids Multi Crystal Bursts have been formulated with a child-friendly premix solution to promote healthy development and support a network of biological functions including vision and immunity. Finally, Bioferrin Iron Crystal Bursts contain Bioferrin®, a natural biologically active milk protein isolated from sweet whey. In combination with iron, Bioferrin helps to achieve a higher bioavailability of iron supplements to the body without upsetting stomachs.

This latest technology promotes Glanbia Nutritionals innovation in supplement delivery for a range of different consumer groups as well as its ability to work with customers to develop new and exciting solutions depending on their needs and demands.

Sports nutrition and RTM solutions

Other prototypes showcased by Glanbia Nutritionals include the Plant Warrior-Superfood Infusion for sports nutrition and RTM applications, available to test at the Sports Nutrition Products Sampling Bar. Recognising the ever growing cross-over between sports nutrition and consumer products as well as a demand from sport consumers for ‘cleaner’ ingredients and labels, Glanbia Nutritionals developed this plant-based superfood infusion, which offers a fatigue-fighting source of BCAAs, good for normal energy yield and muscle function. Ingredients include ChoiceChia™ Black MP, whole chiaseeds which are a great source of vegetarian ALA Omega-3, fibre, protein and calcium; and AminoBlast™, a powerful blend of BCAA amino acids. Also included is Mg, K and BevGrad®, a super-finely milled flaxseed with smooth texture and excellent dispersability, providing exceptional flax nutrition. Combined, these ingredients provide an easy, clean and tasty blend that can be added to enhance fruit and vegetable juices; and highlights Glanbia’s impressive expertise in formulations for sports nutrition and RTM applications.

“With our long-standing, global expertise and advanced capabilities and technologies, we are in a leading position to develop solutions in-line with consumer demands and help our customers overcome their formulation challenges,” says Dagmar Ortlepp, Marketing Manager at Glanbia Nutritionals. “We always look to co-innovate, to support our customers in successful brand developments or in the development of cutting-edge products, by offering complete, customised solutions. This is why we love to attend Vitafoods, which is a great platform that allows us to showcase our latest innovations and solutions for a diverse range of applications.”

For more information, please visit Glanbia Nutritionals at Vitafoods on stand J76 to meet its team of experts and to learn more about its expanding portfolio of nutritional and functional solutions.



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