SupplySide West Glanbia Stand

Glanbia Nutritionals at SupplySide West

Glanbia Nutritionals brings together expertise from across the nutritional landscape in a portfolio of solutions designed to create breakthrough consumer products.

“Whether it’s our expertise in proteins, bioactives and seeds, or our ability to deliver nutrition with more compelling formats and flavors, by having these capabilities and more under one roof we’re able to create the functional solutions that today’s, in-demand consumer products require.” says Alex von den Steinen, Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Glanbia Nutritionals.

Glanbia’s booth at SupplySide West will let visitors experience first-hand how a strategic portfolio of solutions creates exceptional opportunities for customers. On display will be three new product concepts—including a protein beverage that accelerates muscle synthesis, a nutrition-packed plant-based protein, seed and grain bar, and a novel popping-sensation iron supplement  — that illustrate how Glanbia’s solutions can build on each other to amplify their collective value.

“Having a broad portfolio of solutions is important, but what really matters is knowing how to make ingredients work, whether individually in application or optimizing how they work together to create standout products. How the right bioactives can accelerate protein uptake. How the right combination of seeds, grains and proteins can give vegan bars a texture people love. How the right format can deliver iron in an exciting new way.” says von den Steinen.

On hand at the booth will be experts from across the business, ready to show visitors how simple it is to access Glanbia’s deep expertise, and eager to show long-time partners and new customers alike how a powerful portfolio can generate consistent breakthroughs. Experience the new Glanbia Nutritionals at SSW booth # KK133 and see what’s possible when you just add Glanbia.

About Glanbia Nutritionals: Glanbia Nutritionals creates ingredient solutions for the food, beverage, supplement and animal nutrition industries. We bring together leadership expertise in cheese, dairy and plant proteins, specialty ingredients, flavors, premix and aseptic beverage manufacturing into one nutritional powerhouse.  Our broader range of food & ingredient solutions, custom-built services and ability to supply globally creates a unique recipe for co-innovation partnerships that deliver our customer’s best solutions faster.   Learn more about what’s possible when you just add Glanbia.

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