SupplySide West

Glanbia Nutritionals at SupplySide West 2017

At Glanbia Nutritionals, we push beyond our limits so you can push beyond yours. Come meet with us at booth #U157 to experience the five new ingredient advances we will showcase at SupplySide West. Our team of experts will also be on stand to introduce these innovative, versatile ingredients and offer one-on-one product demonstrations. 

Plant-based protein breakthroughs 

Glanbia Nutritionals will showcase two new pea protein offerings, including Crunchie™ Pea Protein Crisps. Offering bar and healthy snack brands superior texture, flavor and a better overall performance, the crisps can help differentiate products in an increasingly crowded and competitive market. The crisps deliver an exceptional crunch texture, alongside the plant-based protein fortification,  presenting brands the opportunity to develop a wider range of nutritious bars and healthy snacks. 

We will also show our new BevEdge™ Pea Protein, a revolutionary advance in the dispersibility and flavor of pea protein, creating new possibilities for brands seeking to offer premium plant-based powdered drink mixes. Unlike conventional pea protein which mixes poorly and tends to clump, BevEdge Pea Protein dissolves instantly in water, is clean label and neutral to taste, offering exceptional flavor expression. It recently received an IFT17 Food Expo Innovation Award, for its outstanding functionality. 

Satiety solution 

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in consumers seeking to boost their protein intake to help them control their appetite and feel fuller longer. To address this, Glanbia Nutritionals has developed new SatieTein™, a specifically formulated milk protein isolate designed to increase satiety (the feeling of fullness) and slow the rate of digestion. In a recent study, it proved to reduce the desire to eat and support a decrease in hunger. 

Heat stable protein for hot powdered beverages and foods

Our new heat-stable agglomerated hydrolyzed whey protein, ProTherma™, has been specifically designed to use in hot ready-to-mix beverages such as malt/hot chocolate drinks, teas, coffees and hot soups, offering beverage brands the opportunity to create rich, high-protein, satisfying drinks. ProTherma’s ground-breaking heat-stable technology ensures that when it is added to hot beverages, the protein is stable and does not form any clumps or sedimentation, so consumers can enjoy a high protein drink mix that disperses easily.

Novel supplement delivery 

As consumers look for new ways to take their daily supplements, Glanbia Nutritionals has created Crystal Bursts technology, offering a novel way to take supplements without the need for pills or capsules. Crystal Bursts are carbonated crystals, designed to deliver vitamins, minerals, and a wide range of bioactives (including our Bioferrin® lactoferrin) in a fun and convenient way, as they tingle and pop in the mouth.

Glanbia Nutritionals’ long expertise in providing high-quality nutritional solutions for global markets allows us to produce a wide range of on-trend ingredients and customized solutions for the rapidly-changing development needs of food, drink and supplement manufacturers.

We understand you’re relentless about making something great.  So are we.  We never stop working to make our supply chains safer, our ingredients smarter, and our customers more successful.

For more information, please visit Glanbia Nutritionals at SupplySide West booth #U157 to meet our team of experts and to learn more about our expanding portfolio of nutritional and functional solutions.


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