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Hydromax™ White Paper

A uniquely optimized, highly concentrated powdered form of glycerol delivering next-level hydration and next-gen product potential.

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Title Hydromax™ White Paper
Reading time 7 minutes
Published August 10, 2014


Many of today’s consumers are pushing the boundaries of personal fitness, making significant gains in endurance sports such as running, triathlons and swimming, along with traditional weight training and even competitive bodybuilding.

While their success could be attributed to diet, intense exercise and sheer determination, in many cases it’s a secret ingredient—sports nutrition products—that spells the difference between ordinary and extraordinary outcomes.

This is one of the many reasons why the sports nutrition market is booming, and why product developers are looking for an edge just as much as the athletes they serve. HydroMax® from Glanbia Nutritionals is scientifically designed to provide that edge.

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