2023 Protein Innovation Seminar from Food Ingredients China

2023 Protein Innovation Seminar from Food Ingredients China

The prolonged pandemic has led many consumers to consider the need for a more comprehensive approach to maintaining their health and immunity that will work long-term.

For many, the COVID-19 situation served as a wake-up call, motivating them to evaluate their lifestyle and priorities. Protein has emerged as a mainstream nutritional product due to its broad awareness of benefits.

Glanbia Nutritionals held the 2023 Protein Innovation Seminar in Shanghai during FIC. We shared our insights from market potential, consumption trends to attitudes toward protein enhanced bars, snacks, beverages, and experience to help brands envision their next product innovation. 

Key Takeaways of the Seminar:

Future of Healthy Snacking in China 

Consumers habits towards snacking are changing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic more people are putting their health first. Protein for consumers is the signpost for health and as they seek out healthier products, protein fortification will continue to be the go-to.

  • Deliver on health & indulgence 
  • Increased relevance of protein snacks beyond gym occasions
  • Beyond bars = incremental category growth

Led by Sonja Matthews, Senior Manager of Strategic Insights, EMEA & ASPAC, Judy Jiang, BD director ASPAC, and Wang Yuhui, R&D application scientist, together they offered their perspectives for opportunities in the protein snacks market and options for overcoming formulation challenges, along with Glanbia’s new developed prototypes. 

Make Your Next Best Innovation in the Protein Beverage Market

The global functional beverage market is $183b with no sign of slowing down. High protein claims are capturing the market with 3.5% CAGR (over the past 4 years, ASPAC) of new product launches of RTDs in meal replacements, performance nutrition, weight management nutrition, sports nutrition, and RTD coffee.

With such an expansive market, what can producers in ASPAC expect in terms of consumer trends, opportunities, and ingredients? How can Glanbia Nutritionals help brands achieve production goals?

We tapped into the wealth of knowledge of Xinyu Li, key account manager China, Wang Yuhui R&D application scientist, to answer these questions and a whole lot more.

Make Your ‘Immunity Suit’ During the Post-COVID Era

Consumers say that they would like to address a variety of areas of health. Priority is given to immunity, an answer that has been influenced by COVID-19. In China, health/wellness and immune health are the most important claims positioned by supplements, carried by 30% and 21%, respectively, in 2021 YTD. 

Kevin Hou, product technology manger China, gave his observation in top consumer concerns, new launches with immune claims cross globe, and Glanbia’s science led bioactives solutions Bioferrin®, Salibra®, PepForm® Tryptophan that give consumers and brands a product with immune boosting benefits and marketable edge.

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