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cali cali

Powering Your Innovation

Follow our collaboration journey with breakthrough Irish nutrition brand, Cali Cali. From initial interaction through finished product, see how Glanbia…
healthy bars

Building Better Bars

To get your bar to market faster, turn to Glanbia Nutritionals. We’ll get you there. Check out how we helped one large CPG company win with speed.
ketogenic image

The Ketogenic Diet and Your Consumer

The number of new keto-focused food and beverage product launches has doubled in the past year, indicating that there is continued interest among consumers for…
uk & ireland map

Snacking in the UK & Ireland: A Case Study

Glanbia Nutritionals fielded a proprietary primary research study to evaluate consumer attitude and perception of various attributes when it comes to snacking…
why premixes

Why Premixes?

That's a good question. Why use a nutrition or vitamin/mineral premix when you can just buy straight vitamins? We have the answer for you in a 5-minute on…

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