Glanbia Nutritionals at Hi Japan 2023

We’re all geared up for Hi Japan 2023 and we look forward to sharing our portfolio of nutrition solutions with you. 

We’ve got you covered, from functional beverages to healthy snacks, with unique formulations that are built around multiple lifestyles and cater to various needs like exercise recovery and vitamin fortification. Our award-winning ingredients are specially designed for snacks, bars, and beverages, and for multiple functions based on your needs. 

Tokyo Big Sight, Booth #2-121


Crunchie™  Protein Bites

Amazing 75% High Protein Bites

For daily source of nutrition, as part of your breakfast, or as a snack, to satisfy your munchies.

  • Natural and clean milk protein adds flavor and delicious taste to your heathy lifestyle
  • Great possibilities to explore many varieties of taste with seasoning
  • Easy to bring delicious nutrition anywhere 

Ideal applications: 

woman drinking milk

Whey Protein Milk

100% whey protein milk with Clean flavor

For workout refreshment and daily whey protein supplementation

  • The fruity flavor perfect for workout and refreshment
  • 100% whey, allows for quick digestion and absorption of amino acid, effectively supporting physical recovery
  • Perfect for on-the-go protein replenishment

Ideal applications: 



Lactoferrin and Vitamin B12 Rich Whey Protein Concentrate 

For supporting women’s health and energy, efficient iron supplementation through rich protein and lactoferrin.

  • High quality whey protein concentrate(WPC80)
  • Naturally contains abundant levels of lactoferrin and vitamin B12
  • Provides a strong nutrient foundation that supports iron modulation, energy levels and immune health

Ideal applications: 

From conceptualization to product creation, Glanbia Nutritionals is built around you to support your journey, wherever you are. We can help you deliver better nutrition in your foods, beverages, or supplements.

Learn more about Hi Japan 2023

October 4 – 6 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tokyo Big Sight 
Booth #2-121


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