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Glanbia Nutritionals at IFIA Japan

We can’t wait to see you at IFIA Japan 2023! Stop by Booth 2615 to discover our latest innovations and all the ways we’re built around you.  

Backed by decades of protein expertise, Glanbia Nutritionals is committed to providing new protein solutions for products that support healthy and active lifestyles. Come and see our best ingredients specially designed for snacks, bars and cereals, along with solutions optimized for women’s health: 


BarPro® Milk Protein Isolates

Milk protein systems with enhanced functional characteristics designed to extend the shelf life.

  • Made with functionally optimized milk protein concentrate
  • Delivers a less chalky and powdery texture than other protein products, providing a range of exceptional textures and a hearty crunch 
  • Clean flavor requiring no masking
  • Produced in high quality manufacturing environment 
  • Kosher and Halal compliant

Ideal applications: 


Crunchie™ Whey Protein Crisps

Whey protein crisps provide exceptional texture, functionality, protein fortification, and a neutral clean flavor profile.

  • Made from 100% whey protein concentrate
  • >74% high quality protein for an extra protein boost
  • Clean dairy flavor requiring no masking
  • Visually appealing with consistent shape, size and light color appearance 
  • Customizable in a number of sizes, depending on customer application needs

Ideal applications: 

pregnant woman drinking beverage


Lactoferrin and Vitamin B12 Rich Whey Protein Concentrate Optimized to Support Women’s Health.

  • High quality whey protein concentrate (WPC 80)
  • Naturally contains abundant levels of lactoferrin and vitamin B12
  • Provides a strong nutrient foundation that supports iron modulation, energy levels and immune health.

Ideal applications: 

We offer expertise in food science and supply chains, deep knowledge of our customers and their categories, and a dedication to the art and science of nutrition. With innovation at our core, we provide new ingredients and formulations to help keep people at their best. Visit us at booth 2615 for a chat on the possibilities we have to offer.

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10:00am to 5:00pm Tokyo Big Sight (South Hall 1 & 2)

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