#GNRecommends: A Webinar Series

After a successful kick-off to our #GNRecommends webinar series last November, we held a second session on March 10th with a topic close to all of our hearts throughout this pandemic: snacking.

More specifically, we took A Closer Look at Healthy Snacking. With a $583b global market in 2021, snacking has become a big part of consumers’ lives. As we exit the pandemic, consumers have become more demanding – they snack for a variety of reasons and expect snacks to satisfy a multitude of needs. 

In order to help snack producers address these needs, our team of experts provided a wealth of insights on consumer and market trends, as well as innovative solutions and concepts that ranged from savoury snack bars, immunity protein bar to mood cookies.

Among the insights were:

  1. In their efforts to replace chocolate and confectionary products with high protein / low sugar products, consumers cited a multitude of health concerns including the need to boost their immunity and energy levels, as well as improving heart & digestive health
  2. More than 60% of people surveyed in each of 3 countries in SEA expressed a clear desire to consume healthier snacks 
  3. There was a significant jump in demand for protein content in snacks, from 14% to 33% - the highest growth in the last 2 years

Some key takeaways from the webinar include:

  1. The healthy snacking category is growing at a faster rate than the overall snack category – bars and healthy snacking application ideas are endless!
  2. Taste and texture are most important – creating a memorable experience is a critical purchase driver
  3. Consumers are seeking more nutritious snacks as they balance their desire for ‘Indulgence’ with their ‘Wellness’ needs.

Glanbia Nutritionals has the essential experience and top-notch capabilities to partner with producers on their product creation journey from ideation to commercialization. To meet the expanding needs and expectations of ASPAC consumers and capitalize on the region’s growing snack market, see how Glanbia Nutritionals' bar solutions can position your brand for success.

We are thankful for the encouraging support for the #GNRecommends series; look out for the next session on functional beverages coming to you soon!

For more of these exclusive insights and key takeaways on the topic you can download the presentation deck here, 

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