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Visit Us at FiA Thailand to Explore Our New Ideas on Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition

Stop by # N08 to discover our latest innovations and all the ways we’re built around you.

There has been a stronger shift towards preventive health in Thailand, which supports the consumption of better for you, free from, fortified/functional, naturally healthy, and organic products. 

We’ll show you a wide range of new ingredients in our beverage and bar prototype products, such as:

  • High Protein Melon Milk - Support your immunity and recovery, all in a great tasting melon flavor from 15 g high quality whey protein from OptiSol® 1007 (WPC) and no added sugar.
  • Kids Growth RTM Drinks - An all-in drink with bioactives and nutrients that promote bone growth and bone health, with a Crunchie™ Milk Protein Crisps addition for an added treat for tots!
  • Lime Immunity RTM Shots - With CuroWhite™ and a customized immunity premix, one shot is all you need for a healthy immunity.
  • Peach Protein Juice - Loaded with BevWise® A 120W (WPI) to aid recovery and provide daily hydration and nutrition needs.
  • Strawberry Immunity Protein Bar - Packed with protein, lactoferrin and Immunoglobulins (IgG) to support the immune system, providing immediate and long term immunity benefit. 

We look forward to working together with you to develop next great product. You’ll find that everything we do is built around you. Stop by booth #N08 to have a conversation and see the possibilities.

Technical Seminar: 

Bioactive Solutions for Supporting and Maintaining Immunity and Wellness
Date: Wednesday, 05 Oct 2022
Time: 15:15 - 15:45 
Presenter: Mrs Bilva Trivedi, Product Strategy Manager, Bioactives 
The emergence of COVID-19 has not only changed the lives of people worldwide, but also brought along unparalleled changes when it comes to reshaping consumer habits. In the recent past, the demand for immunity ingredients was increasing steadily. However, with COVID-19, the growth in this segment has reached a peak never seen before.  Immune health has now become a long-term priority for consumers and this has consequently fueled demand for immune boosting ingredients. With respect to an increased interest for immunity as well as the importance of total wellness, Glanbia Nutritionals has developed a range of bioactive solutions that cater specifically to these global consumer demands.

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