Five Consumer Attitudes we are watching around Eating Occasions

5 Consumer Attitudes We’re Watching around Eating Occasions

We recently attended the Hartman A.C.T. Food Culture Forecast 2018 to learn more about how consumers approach food and the broader contexts that impact their choices. The conference included five presentations on emerging trends, insights and strategic direction presented by Hartman Group’s food culture experts. Here are 5 key takeaways:

Meal Rituals are Changing, and We Should Too! 

Snack-ification is taking over with 50% of a person’s daily food intake being consumed in snack form. Snacking isn’t just ‘between meals’ anymore, rather it’s replacing meals. Brands and retailers alike need to embrace the snack and look for ways to market new snacking occasions and healthier, more convenient snacking varieties such as protein bars, cookies, and new formats. 

Convenience is King

Convenience is #1 for consumers across all eating occasions. The “new convenience” is about making meals easier and better.  Saving time and energy still matters, but convenience can’t come at the expense of health, so on-the-go healthy snacking is a big opportunity for product developers.  

“Healthy” is an Evolving Lifestyle 

Healthy means balanced, simple, and clean. Real, simple ingredients and convenience are among the top needs consumers view as necessities to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding new ways to ‘clean up’ the label should continue to be front of mind for food innovators.  

The Food Experience Is Changing

The experience of actually finding and selecting your food is becoming just as important as the product itself. Consumers are seeking a balance between transactional and experiential components as consumers hop from channel to channel. There is less of a ‘one-stop-shop’ need for consumers who are more driven by engaging and unique experiences when buying specialty products.  The key is to meet consumers where they are – offering the best-in-class experience for what they are seeking at that time. 

Consumers Demand a Voice and a Choice 

Consumers want a personalized experience no matter the product or even price point and brands are responding. Whether it’s a bar designed for a specific diet (plant-based proteins for vegans for example), a unique flavor that reminds them of home (Georgia Peach or Hatch Pepper for example), or just being able to build-your-own burger at a fast food joint, consumers are demanding more personalized options in every food encounter.  

At Glanbia Nutritionals, we’re focused on developing ingredients that make snacking a nutritious occasion- if that’s protein fortification, vitamin addition or working together to clean up an ingredient on your label. Through collaborating with you, our nutritional ingredient experts can create the right snack, beverage or nutrition powder for your consumer. 

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