Discover new Market and Consumer trends.

A Refreshed Aesthetic in Sports Nutrition

As more sports nutrition consumers seek products to help them look and feel their best, some innovative companies are moving toward combining sports and beauty…

"Whatever the occasion, the pandemic brought those on-the-go moments to a halt. With many more people at home, we saw a shift in products that were nutritionally focused to be a little bit more indulgent."

Niki Kennedy

Sr. Strategic Insights & Analytics Manager


The New Look of Weight Management

Weight loss is no longer the driving force behind today’s most popular diets. Learn how consumer perceptions around diets and weight loss nutrition products are…

US Sports Nutrition Outlook for 2023

The needs of sports nutrition consumers continue to expand. Learn how this will impact the trends ahead in the US sports nutrition market for 2023.

Keto Trends in Europe

The buzz around keto for weight loss and benefits like increased energy and mental clarity is appealing to consumers throughout Europe. Understanding the keto…

The Power of Creatine

With its potential consumer base continuing to expand, creatine is a popular supplement for its key role in the muscles during exercise. See what creatine does…

Emerging Topics in Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by staying on top of the latest research in the field of sports nutrition. Explore the topics…

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