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Wellness Trends in LATAM

Latin American consumers’ health and wellness priorities are shifting, largely due to COVID-19, with consumers’ new concerns and interests expected to last beyond the pandemic. Here’s a look at the top LATAM wellness trends for 2021 that food and supplement manufacturers should know.

LATAM Consumers Reprioritizing Health and Wellness

With Latin America hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic (particularly Brazil), the importance of health and wellness has made a deep impression on many LATAM consumers. This includes using exercise and nutrition to stay healthy and support immunity, as well as to help consumers feel their best. 

An active lifestyle has become a priority, with South America leading globally in the proportion of consumers who plan to become more active after COVID (at 50%), compared to North America at 40% and Europe at 34%.1 This makes the LATAM region a key market for food and supplement manufacturers that understand the emerging wellness trends in this region. 

Weight Management 

Consumers’ activity levels have taken a dive due to pandemic lockdowns and anxieties about catching COVID-19, making weight loss and management a growing concern. In Brazil, although one in three consumers reports feeling comfortable doing outdoor activities, over half are still not comfortable going to the gym.2 Some are trying to compensate for their lower activity levels, with 37% of Brazilians choosing to eat healthier due to their decrease in physical activity.3

Overall, 43% of South Americans have become more conscious about their weight, while 51% plan to try to lose weight once COVID is over.4 Exercise, coupled with sports nutrition products, will be a top weight loss strategy. Sports nutrition powders (the largest sports nutrition sub-category) are forecast to grow by 10% annually to 2025, while protein/energy bars are expected to grow by nearly 15%.5 While sports nutrition products that provide an energy boost are always popular in LATAM, newer innovations include products that support specific types of workouts.

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Immunity is another top wellness trend in Latin America. Consumers throughout the region have been buying more products seen as having immune benefits, with vitamin C the top-seller in this category in 2020.6 At this time, a whopping 82% of Brazilians expressed an interest in vitamins, minerals, and supplements that could strengthen the immune system.7

Going forward, this heightened awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle and immune-support products is expected to make this a trend with staying power. For example, as recently as 2021, research shows that three out of four Peruvian consumers are including immunity-supporting foods in their diets.8 Transparency is especially important for brands focusing on immunity-support products to ensure consumers understand the products' supporting role and aren’t misled that these products prevent or cure coronavirus.

Mental Health

The COVID pandemic brought not just physical health but mental health to the forefront for LATAM consumers. The stress of the situation, along with changes in daily routines leading to increased isolation and decreased activity, have made depression and anxiety important rising concerns.

In Brazil, 56% of consumers agree that their mental wellbeing is now a priority, while 63% indicate they would like to have more food or drinks with ingredients that can improve mental/emotional health.9 In addition to standalone supplements and functional beverages for de-stressing and mood support, there are opportunities to include mental wellness ingredients in sports nutrition and immune support products for a holistic health approach.

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A Healthy Tomorrow

The deep impact of COVID-19 on Latin America has led to more LATAM consumers reflecting on their health and wellness and the steps they can take to support an active, healthy lifestyle. Brands that address their top concerns can connect with consumers at this important time and encourage their efforts toward optimal health and wellness going forward.

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