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Celebrating World Baking Day

The rise in home baking during the lockdown is creating some exciting opportunities in baking ingredients and mixes. For World Baking Day, learn how brands can support this new wave of home bakers with products that make baking fun and easy!

What is World Baking Day?

The third Sunday of every May people around the globe celebrate World Baking Day. On this day, people from all walks of life and all skill levels are encouraged to bake something delicious and share it with others. While World Baking Day celebrates the joy of baking (and the joy of eating baked goods!), it’s also a chance to bake something new, teach kids to bake, and give a homemade gift to a friend or neighbor.

Cakes, cookies, and quick breads are some of the most beginner-friendly options, while old pros may want to take it up a notch with layered or filled pastries or homemade artisan breads. Decorating these homemade goodies with icings, frostings, or glazes and sprinkling with colorful toppings can be almost as much fun as eating them. Pics are shared each year on social media at #WorldBakingDay.

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Home Baking Surges During Lockdown

Since the COVID pandemic began, 31% of U.S. consumers are baking more often, reports Mintel, and plan to continue doing so through 2021.1 What may have started as a do-it-yourself solution to out-of-stock items like bread has become a full-fledged hobby for many consumers. Top reasons consumers are baking more include to alleviate boredom, to treat themselves, and to relax.

Reasons for Baking More Often (January 2021) U.S. Consumers Surveyed
To alleviate boredom during the pandemic 47%
To treat myself 44%
To relax 39%
I’m dining out less 39%
To improve my baking skills 37%
As a fun experience with my kids 24%
I’m having more celebrations at home 23%

Source: Mintel, Baking & Mixes – US, March 2021

These reasons all point to the important role of home baking in maintaining balanced mental health during a time when anxiety and depression are running high. While baking activities have increased among all U.S. demographics, it’s become especially popular among consumers ages 25 to 44.2

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Making Baking Easy

The rise in home baking indicates most of the baking is being done for ordinary occasions like snacking rather than special occasions. This has made easy, convenient products like baking mixes a popular choice, especially for consumers just getting into baking. As the COVID situation comes to a close, these benefits will be particularly important if consumers are to fit baking into their busy schedules once they return to work.

Making Baking Fun

To keep consumers engaged in their new hobby, brands can also innovate to make sure baking stays fun. According to Mintel, top reasons U.S. consumers try new baking mixes are unique flavors (32%), mixes for unique desserts (28%), and snack-sized options (27%).3 Visual appeal also adds an element of fun. Mintel reports that 43% of UK consumers look for sweet baked goods to be eye-catching when they’re for a holiday and 15% when they’re for an everyday snack.4

Innovative Baking Ingredient Solutions

Brands can help consumers sustain their newfound interest in baking—and win new consumers—by engaging them through social media and by formulating with baking ingredients that support a fun and easy baking experience. Glanbia Nutritionals carries a wide range of unique bakery solutions, including dough softeners and mixes and bases. Our fun EdiSparklz Edible GlitterTM are sure to make your products stand out from the crowd. Contact us to learn more!


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