All of the benefits of curcumin but white for easier manufacturing.

Less staining, cleaning and production downtimes. CuroWhite is a white curcumin that is changing the landscape of curcumin supplement manufacturing.

Why manufacture with any other curcumin? With 2,332 curcumin supplement products on the market since 20131, the production issues associated with manufacturing with curcumin are well known. CuroWhite is a colorless curcumin that doesn’t stain your equipment, require extended hours of cleaning or cause extensive production downtime, providing you a clean manufacturing solution. 

CuroWhite Solves All Your Curcumin Manufacturing Problems


Common Curcumin Manufacturing Issues

•    Color bleed off into next scheduled production run
•    Spray drying bag house cleaning or replacement 
•    Extended days of clean up required 
•    Gasket, seal and equipment stains and residue
•    Staining in filler heads and die cavities on packaging equipment


CuroWhite Manufacturing Issues


See the Difference

CuroWhite’s lack of color and milder taste and smell make it ideal for many applications such as tablets, capsules, ready-to-mix powders and functional foods. You can now formulate gummies containing curcumin with more flavor and color options.

CuroWhite Curcumin Comparison


An Easier to Use and More Bioavailable Curcumin

Through an advanced encapsulation process, CuroWhite maintains all of the great antioxidant benefits of standard curcumin but has greater bioavailability and stability. During this optimization process the curcuminoids are encapsulated with β-cyclodextrin. 

In a bioavailability study on rats, CuroWhite was shown to be absorbed at a higher rate and remained in the bloodstream for longer than standard curcumin.2


CuroWhite Bioavailability Graph
1. Innova Database 2018, 2. Sreeraj et al., J Nutr Food Sci 2016, 6:2

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