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Custom Nutrient Premixes Are Good for Business

A surge in health & wellness trends, compounded by the pandemic and an increasing nutrition awareness, are driving many consumers to explore foods & beverages that offer additional health benefits. Fortified and functional foods continue to grow and a nutrient-dense premix solution provides an opportunity to differentiate your product on the shelf. 

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Title Custom Nutrient Premixes Are Good for Business
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Published April 15, 2021

Consumers today expect more from their foods than ever before. “Functional foods” are defined by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) as “foods or food components that may provide benefits beyond basic nutrition.”1 These include ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink beverages, energy and sports drinks, and foods fortified with nutrients and/or probiotics like nutrition bars, gels or snacks. Fortified food & beverages continue to grow by leaps and bounds. 

These days, people don’t just want great tasting foods that will fill them up. Now they also look for extra protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and more. They want their food to work hard for them, to give them added energy, soothe their digestive systems, and even sharpen their thinking. Custom nutrient premixes give food manufacturers the power to do all of that in a way that is efficient and cost-effective.

Nutrient premixes, like those made by Glanbia Nutritionals, are custom-designed blends of ingredients associated with health benefits such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and more. Using them makes good business sense for food manufacturers.

Custom-Designed to Fit Your Product and Process

Our custom nutrient premixes combine precise proportions of nutrients specifically designed to suit your unique food product. This allows you, the manufacturer, to add functional ingredients to a food product in precisely the right quantity and the proper chemical form at exactly the right moment during your production process. While you could fortify your products with individual nutrients, using custom nutrient premixes save you time and money, helps reduce inventory and waste, and minimizes order processing.

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By reducing the number of high quality raw materials you need to purchase, as well as the number of vendors you need to work with, custom nutrient premixes also eliminate time-consuming steps in your production process, streamline production, and simplify end-product quality control. Glanbia Nutritionals maintains a comprehensive range of raw materials to successfully respond to a range of ingredient needs and formulate optimized mixes that deliver maximum benefits. Our Certificate of Analysis also streamlines your quality control process.

Using a custom nutrient premix saves your business money, too, by reducing waste; reducing the need to purchase, ship, and warehouse individual nutrients; and reducing quality control costs. The formulation experts at Glanbia Nutrition can offer valuable advice, helping you create a blend that delivers maximum benefit. 

With the expert product development support and technical guidance you get when you work with a custom nutrient premix supplier—from custom blend formulating to ingredient sourcing, evaluation and testing through to the final premix blending—you’ll save time and money and know that your product quality is always on target.

Are you interested in learning more? Watch our video below on choosing a Custom Nutrient Premix supplier. We're confident it will provide the guidance you need to find the right supplier to meet your business needs.

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