Heat stable concentrated whey protein for Low Acid Neutral pH Beverages.

Dairy-based proteins and high-protein claims are capturing today’s market, expanding well beyond the traditional realm of sports nutrition. Over the last four years, the ASPAC region has seen a 3.5% CAGR of new product launches of RTDs in meal replacements, performance nutrition, weight management nutrition, sports nutrition, and RTD coffee. This creates a significant market opportunity for complete or partial whey-based neutral pH beverages to break through the milk protein-laced landscape. OptiSol® 1007 is your solution for better-performing neutral pH protein beverages, overcoming processing challenges while providing the stability needed to achieve the results consumers are seeking.

Source: Mintel GNPD, 2022  
Note: Products are those that are liquid and/or Ready-to-drink beverages that have a High/Added Protein claim

Common Beverage Protein Processing Challenges 

Experience When Using Whey Protein

  • Grittiness 
  • Falls out of solution
  • Forms a gel
  • Increased viscosity

 Experience When Using Milk Protein 

  • Age-related gelation 
  • Requires the addition of stabilizers and additives 

OptiSol® 1007 Benefits

OptiSol® 1007 Prototypes

Glanbia Nutritionals holds expertise in developing a wide range of protein-based RTD beverages, allowing you to launch your products faster. Our pilot plant equipment allows for Hot Fill, HTST, and UHT, direct and indirect thermal processing, and the ability to conduct shelf stability trials at various temperatures.

Watch this video for our full portfolio: 

From ideation to prototyping, we work side by side with you to develop optimised formulations for better functional beverages that stay ahead of the trends.   

Pro-Immunity High Protein Drink

Peachy Punch High Protein Oolong Milk Tea

OptiSol 1007 is the award-winning solution for better-performing neutral pH protein beverages. Get in touch with us today to try out OptiSol 1007.

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