Glanbia Nutritionals at Food & Beverage Forum (FBIF) 2020

Glanbia Nutritionals at Food & Beverage Forum (FBIF) 2020

From ‘snacks are for kids, and as a treat only’, to 'snacks are a fun diversion, a fill-in to meals’, and now, 'snacks are compatible with and enablers of wellness’, consumers’ snacking expectations & habits are changing. 

  • 51% of global consumers state that they have switched from “traditional” snack products - such as chocolate and confectionery – to high protein/low sugar alternative snacks.
  • 54% of global consumers say that they expect snacks to offer a nutritional boost.
  • Anytime is snack time!

Global Snack Food Market is estimated at €160b in 2019 with 3-4% annual growth estimated to 2021. China leads in volume sales of snacks. How can snack brands make products that meet the ever-growing demand for healthy, on-the-go snack options?

Glanbia will be attending the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum(FBIF)Jul 8th to 10th at Hangzhou International Expo Center, sharing our insights on global snacks market and consumer trends, and how our broad portfolio of solutions work together to innovate your future products. 

Glanbia Nutritionals at Food & Beverage Forum (FBIF) 2020

Speaker: Judy Jiang, Business Development Director ASPAC, Glanbia Nutritionals 

Topic: Protein drives the evolution of healthy snacks post COVID-19

Slot: Product Innovation B Jul 9th 10:50-11:20

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