Meet the Experts: Eumir Cabrera

Technical Sales Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals, LATAM

Based in Mexico City, LATAM Technical Sales Manager Eumir Cabrera uses his ingredient knowledge to help customers create products that meet the latest trends. 


As a technical sales manager in Latin America, Eurmir Cabrera shares his professional insights on important topics such as: 

  • Products to manage stress 
  • ESports products 
  • The growing plant-based market  

How do you help Glanbia customers as a technical sales manager? 

I sell specialty ingredients that require a technical knowledge to support customers. I have to know about every Glanbia Nutritionals ingredient and every step of the customer’s process. For example, if I’m selling a protein for a yogurt, I need to understand the temperature, pressure, and equipment to meet the customer's needs. The main objective is to provide a solution, not an ingredient.  

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

There is a lot of variety. I support dairy, bakery, confectionary, and meat products. I also enjoy the opportunity to travel and visit customers. I am passionate about knowing how the raw materials contribute to developing a new food product. 

“The main objective is to provide a solution, not an ingredient.” 

What have you noticed in ingredient or product trends in the last six months? 

I have noticed there is a lot of interest from customers in products for stress and cognition now because everybody is on the computer more and at home working—maybe working even more than when we were in the office. Also, products for gamers. Gamers need a different kind of product, especially for energy.  

lady on computer

Other trends I see in Latin America are non-dairy beverages with nutritional contributions like added protein or fiber, though the contribution can also be product experiences. I believe that products now need to provide an experience—for example, with texture. 

Are there any trends you think we’ll be seeing in the next year or so? 

Plant-based is a big opportunity here. The Latin American market is mostly used to milk and whey proteins, but the market is trying to change because consumers are looking for something without lactose and, of course, gluten-free. At Glanbia, we have oats and chia, different kinds of grains. 

Of course, the quality of the protein in plant-based is different if we compare it with milk or whey proteins, which have a better amino acid profile. Another example that could be a trend for the future is combinations of dairy drinks with plant-based superfoods like almond milk or pea protein--also, non-dairy yogurt with plant-based protein like a pea protein or oat. 

“Plant-based is a big opportunity here.” 

hot dogs

What are some exciting product launches you’ve seen over the last year or so?

Vegan sausages and cheeses! The plant-based market is growing. It’s a good opportunity for the meat industry to sell products that don’t have meat because consumers are interested in healthier versions of their favorite foods. There are not too many brands right now, and they’re very expensive. Of these two, I see vegan sausages as the biggest trend to continue in the future.

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