Discover new Market and Consumer trends.

Exploring New Flavors through Snacks

Consumers are turning to snacks to try out new and interesting flavors. See what’s grabbing their attention right now and explore the top emerging flavor trends…

Global Supplement Update

Supplements are becoming an integral part of healthy living for consumers globally. As health concerns expand to include mental wellness and new preferences…

“Through the use of analytics, we stay informed about evolving market trends and consumer preferences, ensuring we remain up-to-date with the latest insights for our customers.”

Brooke Brottman

Strategic Insight Analyst

Brooke Brottman
Brooke Brottman

New Normal for Snacking in Europe

Consumer snacking drivers and priorities underscore a desire for better-for-you options as balance becomes the new normal for snacking in Europe.

The Rise of Botanicals

Here's a fresh look at using botanicals—including replacing additives with botanicals for a cleaner label and focusing on key benefits like immunity and mood.

Upcoming Targets for Functional Products

Learn about the supplement trends ahead—including hormone supplements for different life stages, relaxation supplements as an alcohol alternative, and other key…

Athletic & Sports Performance

The evolving science of sports nutrition creates new product opportunities to support athletes’ core needs of strength, energy, and recovery—while incorporating…

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