Meet the Experts: Luis Rojas

Commercial Director, Glanbia Nutritionals, LATAM

Our LATAM Commercial Director Luis Rojas is seeing a growing interest in healthy nutrition in Latin America, leading to some exciting trends in gummies, products for energy and relaxation, and new uses of plant-based ingredients.


As a commercial director in Latin America, Luis Rojas has identified several rising trends including:

  • Functional gummies
  • Energy products
  • Relaxation products
  • Plant-based ingredients 

Can you tell us about your role at Glanbia Nutritionals?

As a commercial director, I am responsible for coordinating my team and defining the strategy for sales growth in the Latin American region from Mexico to Argentina. I have a group of colleagues in the region that support me in increasing the Glanbia presence. I also take care of some of the larger customers in the region.

What are your customers asking about that seems like a trend?

In the Latin American region, we usually follow the trends from other regions like the US. Sometimes the trends from the US cascade into our region months or years later. However, I think that the COVID situation in the Latin American region is helping the population to have more awareness of healthy diets and healthy living.

Due to COVID, the interest in healthy lifestyles has been accelerated, so consumers are looking for more products that help to improve their health. People are more conscious of that, and our customers are asking more and more about nutritional solutions in different formats. Mainly, one of the trends that is increasing in the region from my point of view is gummies. 

“The gummy is a format that brings more fun to kids and also to adults.”  

What kinds of gummies are you seeing in the LATAM market?

Gummies with different concepts, mainly functional concepts—with collagen, benefits for joint health, cognitive health, and so on. I think those types of concepts are the ones that are increasing in some of the Latin American countries. Mainly what I see in the market for gummy ingredients is vitamins, minerals, and collagen. I see a lot of vitamin C gummies. 

The gummy is a format that brings more fun to kids and also to adults—a format consumers don’t see as a medicine. Consumers see the fun format, they see they enjoy the product, and that’s the reason I think it’s growing. A disadvantage of this format is the cost. In the Latin American region, we are driven by limits on end-product retail price , but still, the gummy market is growing.


Years ago, it was difficult to find co-manufacturers of gummies in the region, and now we are seeing more and more who want to explore this area—more co-manufacturers who want to start buying machines for this type of product and more companies that will be launching new gummy products soon.

Given the regulatory hurdles for new functional ingredients in some LATAM countries, how do you support customer innovation?

The reason we don’t see a lot of new concepts in the market for gummies, for example, is mainly because of our regulation in Latin America. It’s not as open as in the US in terms of new ingredients. That’s a limitation because companies cannot claim anything to the end consumer about the benefits of the product. It’s the main challenge we face in the region in regards to new ingredients, such as new extracts and herbs. 

We try to explain to customers that if an ingredient is not prohibited, they can use it. And we suggest to them to communicate the benefits, not on  the packaging, but on the website, in brochures, or in the supermarket with a person who explains the benefits of the product directly to the consumer.

“Another trend we’ve started seeing is a lot of plant-based ingredients ...” 

What are some exciting products you’re seeing in the market right now?

Here in Latin America, there is a trend in products that give you energy. Also, products that help you to relax—mainly because of the stress of COVID. And multivitamins. You can also see products in the market that contain natural ingredients. I think that’s something consumers are looking for. More clean labels, fewer additives.

berries and yogurt

Another trend we’ve started seeing is a lot of plant-based ingredients and products that contain everything in one product. For example, a mix of a dairy product with some chia or flaxseed, vitamins and minerals, and some extracts. There is a product in Argentina—a yogurt that contains chia seeds with added vitamins and minerals for energy. It has everything in one and we expect to see more of that in the future. 

As more Latin American consumers seek out products to support a healthy lifestyle, brands can rely on our micronutrients, custom premixes, and plant-based solutions—including pea protein, chia, and flaxseed—to help them meet their needs. Contact us to learn more about formulating on-trend supplements, foods, and beverages for the Latin American market.

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