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Meet the Experts: Montserrat Trejo

Technical Sales Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals, LATAM

Meet Montserrat Trejo, our technical sales manager in LATAM who focuses on beverages and functional ingredients. Learn what’s happening in the market and what she loves most about her job.


As a technical sales manager, some current trends Montserrat Trejo has witnessed include: 

  • A strong interest in immune and gut health
  • A demand for new textures and flavors 
  • A rise in plant-based nutrition 
  • Increased popularity of functional ingredients

What do you enjoy most about your role with Glanbia?

I’m a technical sales manager, so I help customers to develop products and projects—especially customers who need vitamins, minerals, and premixes. I focus on beverage solutions but can also give support for the whole portfolio of ingredients like proteins in bar applications, for example.

What I really enjoy in my role is working in a team with coworkers and customers to help with product development and technical support. It gives me a lot of personal satisfaction, especially when I see a product in the store and know I worked as a team with the brand to develop that product.

Which ingredients have your customers been asking about recently? 

Ingredients for immunity and also for gut health, which supports immunity. Consumers want to ensure immunity support, not only in the post-COVID period but also through their life’s journey. (Immune health was the leading claim on new supplement launches in Latin America from October 2020 to September 2021, on 31% of new products—up from 15% two years before).1

“My customers want to find ways to create a new product …”


Which applications are your customers most interested in? 

There is not just one application—they’re interested in all of them. Across applications, though, I see my customers want different textures, colors, and flavors, and all natural if possible. (Note that orange is the top flavor in recent Latin American supplement launches, with strawberry close behind, but berry flavors like blueberry and cranberry are on the rise).2 My customers want to find ways to create a new product—for example, making coconut milk, which is thin, have a thicker texture like milk. 

What trends are emerging that you think will drive innovation for your customers in the future?

All natural and less processed is a big trend. In Mexico, customers have been reading the nutritional labels, and they prefer products that are all natural. Also, plant-based and added nutrition—for example, in bars, not only high protein but also special nutrition like omega-3s and fiber.

What are the most exciting product launches you've been seeing?

For me, I think it’s products with ingredients for a specific function, such as focus, beauty, or relaxation. When you work from home, you notice that you work more than if you were in the office, so you might want something to help you relax. But not pills—something more natural like a beverage or a bar. Also, natural products that are easy to prepare and taste good that you can eat at home, that also give a good nutritional value. 

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1-2. Innova Database, 2021.

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