SSW 2017

What We Learned: SSW 2017

Protein and Probiotics Prevalent, Botanicals and Nootropics Emerging

We all know the challenge after any show is capturing and applying the key insights to practical projects for our innovation pipeline. To help, our Insights team pulled together this shortlist from SupplySide West 2017. 

The SSW Trend Shortlist

1.    Proteins – Still Strong, Numerous New Opportunities:  

Functionality claims and call-outs are finding center stage in both dairy and plant based ingredients. We saw specificity in messaging around better solubility, cleaner taste, low viscosity and different styles of heat treatment. Plant proteins continue to forge ahead; the range of pea proteins showcased at SSW was more expansive than past shows. New proteins such as potato, mushroom, and barley protein also showed expansion of this category. Collagen as a protein is transforming from a well known skin care ingredient into a specialty protein source for joint health and inflammation.  

Our Takeaway: 

  • Dairy & plant protein functionality continues to be an innovation lever that works, especially with the expansion of protein into new types of bars and drinks.
  • Bar and drink manufacturers are seeing the value in both these proteins types as they fit their capabilities & production systems, and in meeting the experiential expectations of consumers.
  • Glanbia Nutritionals has a breadth of products, the expertise, and innovation in the pipeline to deliver on these needs, including new BevEdge Pea Protein, which immediately goes into solution unlike conventional pea protein.

2.    Probiotics: Good bacteria spread mainstream.

Featured in multiple education sessions and in the booths of 70+ exhibitors, probiotics are still hot. What we observed is a transformation in the market in the positioning from immune and gut health condition to other health conditions.  

Our Takeaway: 

  • The probiotics movement continues to take hold in the mainstream market with little sign of slowing down. We believe supplement consumers are beginning to understand the benefits of specific probiotics outside of digestive health and that will likely be true for mainstream consumers as well. Interesting research is occurring in muscle protein and synthesis tied to probiotics. 
  • Expect to see a dynamic market in the future where probiotics are offered for a variety of health benefits and in combination with other proven synergistic ingredients. 
  • While Probiotics are not a current item in the Glanbia Nutritionals profile, we thought you’d be interested to hear the latest on this exciting and popular ingredient 

 3.    Botanicals: Getting to the root of natural supplements.

The growth of “naturally healthy” brands continues to drive interest in botanical extracts. Adulteration is the largest concern in this market and it was stressed that supply chain transparency, traceability, standardization and proper testing are the key to successful brands. The botanical we are watching skyrocket? Curcumin.

Our Takeaway: 

  • Consumers are looking for effective, naturally healthy solutions at their convenience. 
  • Botanical extracts and bioactive plant components are the perfect combination of nature’s remedies in a small package. 
  • Glanbia is committed to sourcing quality botanical extracts and scientifically supported specialty plant extracts, like truebroc®, a broccoli seed extract with big detox power. We have our eyes on this developing area so stay tuned!

 4.    Nootropic – Growing Yes to Nootropics.

Cognitive benefits continue to be front and center as nootropics (i.e. cognitive enhancing ingredients) have been featured in many new product launches. One panel discussion in particular, “Cognitive Health throughout the Lifespan” explored the opportunity for nootropics to meet millennial consumers’ interest in energy and focus, as well as address the need for overall health and stress management for the aging population. All age groups are interested in brain health and development.

Our Takeaway: 

  • While we have a number of functional ingredients that play into this area e.g. Nitrosigine®, BevGrad® Flaxseed (omega 3), CuroWhite, Tryptophan and Pepform Fatigue Fighter, there is tremendous interest in this mind-stimulating area and we continue to innovate in this space.


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