Innovation is central to Glanbia Nutritionals

Why Glanbia Nutritionals?

We are a partner who sticks with you through thick and thin to provide innovative nutritional solutions, safe, high-quality products and rock-solid supply chains. 

We go from concept to shelf faster by finding better ways to share our knowledge with our customers. Whether you want to make a cleaner label, a product with better texture, flavor and nutrition, or the next category blockbuster, our innovation capabilities are built from the ground up to help you get from concept to prototype to market faster than the competition.

Our R&D teams are integrated with Sales, Insights and Operations so that everyone is focused on the same thing – the customer’s challenge. We listen closely to find out exactly what’s needed (not just what’s asked for) and we share consumer insights from data and research to help find new product opportunities first.

innovation lab

Our Innovation Centers let customers work side-by-side with our scientists, so ideas flow faster and solutions get stronger. Pilot equipment and culinary labs let us learn what works and what doesn’t on a small scale, so customers can scale up with confidence. Strong relationships across the innovation ecosystem—from partner manufacturers and suppliers, to institutes and universities—help test our ideas and push them even further. And we use our own production facilities as real-time testing grounds for new ideas and the latest best practices.

Together, our structure and capabilities form an overall approach to innovation that leads to consistent value creation for our customers. But just as critically, consistent speed to market— because even the best solutions can lose if they come in second.



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