Are You Ready for Summer Flavors 2019?

Although we are all already enjoying comforting winter flavors, product developers are thinking ahead to the energizing and refreshing flavors for Spring and Summer.

It’s hard to get into the summer mindset with the Holidays around the corner, but for new seasonal flavor launches, now is the time to think of lazy days in the sun and gathering for a grill out with friends.  For a moment, let’s put away our parkas, and imagine how we’ll want to be energized, refreshed and delighted this summer,” says Jenelle Ludwig Krause, Senior Product Manager Flavors.

So to get the summer ideas sparked, here is some inspiration from our flavor lab.

  • Summer loves pink flavors thanks to cherries, berries and watermelon. You can expand pink by adding combinations with trending flavors such as pink guava and hibiscus.
  • Campfire and fairground inspired flavors:  smoky, grilled and burnt flavors are hot!  Roasted marshmallows and s’mores are a fun addition. 
  • Imagine the complex flavors of grilled fruit – peaches, pineapple, and watermelon!  Make these decadent by adding caramel or balsamic notes.  Add some Mexican flair by using grilled mango notes and adding chili peppers and lime.
  • Citrus is always strong in the summer, one of the drivers being lemonade’s infinite variety.
  • Add spices or herbs such as lemongrass, verbena, rosemary, basil, flavors inspired by Southern European cuisine.
  • Add floral notes such as lavender, rose, jasmine, hibiscus and lychee which is a fruit but ever so floral in profile.  Be inspired by the beauty from within trend as you play with floral notes.
  • Make it unique by picking just one part of the fruit to highlight - orange blossom (for a soft touch), orange zest (for a nice pointy and fresh note).

The big takeaways are to explore combinations, start with something familiar and marry it with something new. Also, get specific – don’t give me mint, but tell me what kind or mint or from where it’s sourced,” says Krause, “Look to layer flavors in your next beverage or snack food. Be bold and add heat from peppers or ginger or go soft with flirty floral notes

With a quick turnaround time and customizable solutions, Glanbia Nutritionals can help you bring your ideal summertime flavor to life.

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