2018 Protein Trends

Top Five Protein Takeaways

2018 Protein Trends & Technology Seminar

After the two days of Global Food forum’s presentation of Protein Trends & Technologies, we took these five insights away when it comes to protein trends:

1.  Protein remains the most desired macronutrient to add to products. This interest is shared by consumers and the companies that provide food & beverage products to them.

2.  If protein is intrinsically in your product, call it out. You will see more meat & dairy based products, ranging from meats to cheeses reminding consumers that their products contain protein and indicating how much protein they contain.

3.  Although nutrition bars generally indicate that they contain protein, they can put more emphasis on the amount of protein and source of the protein on the front of their bars, cookies, and healthier snacks.

4.  It is important to separate the wheat from the chaff when evaluating the market potential for plant protein-based products as opposed to plant-based products.

5.  30/30/30 Approach: Optimal utilization of protein for the typical American consumer is 30 gram or less per meal occasion. The optimal approach would be 30 grams in the morning, another 30 grams at lunch and 30 grams at night. With the increasing consumption of meals as snacks, this could evolve to five meals or snacks each containing 20 grams of protein. 


Protein continues to be the best macronutrient building block for the healthy tasty products that consumers want. To learn more about how to work with different types of protein in your new product development, contact Glanbia Nutritionals today.

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