woman eating muffin

MegaTrends for 2024 & Beyond: Eatopia

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer trends, conscious indulgence is gaining momentum and may redefine the way consumers approach their daily nutrition needs. 

Our first MegaTrend, Eatopia, a fusion of eating and utopia, describes the way consumers are adjusting their eating habits to achieving an improved state of holistic wellness. In this video, Niki Kennedy & Tom Vierhile of Innova Market Insights explore the convergence of indulgence by better-for-you products and health by indulgence products. 

New products, ranging from chocolates to cookies and donuts, bridge the gap between decadence and well-being. Brands are now blurring the lines between comfort treats and wellness. It's a mash-up that consumers are eagerly embracing, seeking the best of both worlds – the pleasure of indulgence with the added benefits of health. The key insight is that consumers are not just gravitating towards these healthier options, they're incorporating them into their routine more frequently. 

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