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MegaTrends for 2024 & Beyond: Personalized Performance

In this short video, we explore the impact of personalization on hydration and delve into the fascinating connection between energy and performance.

Tom Vierhile from Innova Market Insights shares insights on hydration and Niki Kennedy uncovers the multidimensional approaches of energy management and how they shape overall well-being. Innova’s Top 10 Trend #9 is H2.0: Quenching the Future of Hydration and Tom guides us through the evolving world of hydration, where added health benefits are reshaping the future of hydration products. Beyond just quenching thirst, hydration products are now offering unique benefits, including improvements in skin health. 

This video also begins to explore the multidimensional aspects of energy management. What’s key is that our own consumer attitude and wellness study has identified an emerging proactive dimension that opens up new opportunities for personalization to enhance consumer athletic and sports performance. 

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