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As one of the largest producers of all-natural, American-style cheeses, we constantly break new ground with cheeses that are delicious, nutritious and functional.

Our award-winning cheeses have the highest quality and are made at a scale that always assures supply. Inspired by techniques and flavors from around the world, our cheese scientists bring together the most efficient processes, insightful market research and a passion for invention to create winning solutions in an ever-evolving cheese market.

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Innovation Capabilities

Each year, Glanbia Nutritionals ships over 900 million pounds of cheese to more than 30 countries.

We pride ourselves not only on the efficiency of our cheese manufacturing, but on the functionality of every barrel and block of cheese produced. Our history of making top quality cheese ensures that whether you're purchasing a 40-lb block or a 540-lb barrel, our cheese will slice, shred, melt or add as an ingredient, consistently.

The Cheese Innovation Center (CIC) gives our customers access to an entire network of resources and experts focused solely on cheese. The center’s masterful pilot-production facility streamlines the process of moving products from concept to full-scale production. The CIC offers adjustable, small-scale cheese production capabilities allowing a hands-on experience for the development of new cheese products and processes.


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